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This concept was created by request in some areas. Here is what was done...

1) Darkened the orange

2) Added an outline around the numbers and letters

3) Added their secondary logo to the side of the pants

4) Added an alternate brown set of pants for the away jersey

5) Reduced the amount of stripes to go along with the helmet

stripe. And did away with the thin inner stripes so that it

looks like the older style one's worn during the Jim Brown,


6) Did the same thing to the socks!

What cha' think? :D


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I didn't know that they weren't using it anymore. I just thought that it would look

kinda' cool on the pants as an accent because I tried it with the dog logo and it just

didn't fit. I only posted it a second time because I thought it would be bigger but it

isn't and I can't figure out why even though I resized it in Illustrator.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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