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  1. Haven't done a logo and posted in a while. What do you guys think?
  2. This logo has a lot of potential with the right tweaks. Clean up your lines and it's a solid design. That royal/green/silver combo is where it's at. The team can still do a black alternate without sacrificing the integrity of the main logo.
  3. I had the numbers like this early on. I just didn't want it to seem like it was too much. But it could work either way. Nice job!
  4. I honestly struggled with using blue or a lime/neon green, which IMO did look better. I can post a color change for comparison, no problem.
  5. I understand that about the cream and white clashing, that's why I went with a deeper shade of it. It's just something that would have to work no matter what for the sake of the design. I originally intended to use a vegas gold or khaki color before deciding on the deeper cream. Like I mentioned, I didn't want to change too much. As far as the serifs go, look at the 'B' of their previous logo which I included in my concept for comparison. I added the serifs to the 'S' so each side would be equal. I didn't think it took away from it overall. In fact, I looked at it as a type of 'antler' to the letters that furhter ties into the design, which is why I decided to use it on certain numbers. When I get time I'll post a full set of the numerals and their alternates.
  6. Just a quick concept I wanted to put together since I haven't done one in a while. I didn't think the Bucks needed a huge overhaul from what they decided to go with, just a few tweaks here and there to an already nice set. C&C as usual and thanks for viewing the post. What Was Changed (Logo): Reverted Back To Previous Logo Using Their Updated Deer Head With Modifications / Re-ColoredDeer Head Modifications: Use Of Ear/Jawline From Previous IncarnationWhat Was Changed (Uniform): Switched To A Deeper Cream ColorReverted Back To Previous "Bucks" Script / Removed The Beveling / Modified The 'S'Re-colored "Irish Rainbow" / Pattern Added To The ShortsSolid Green Collar (Home) / Cream 'M' At The BaseAlternate Uniform Based Off The Teams '73-75 SetLogo: Home: Away: Alternate:
  7. It's our state bird! We're pretty much know for purple, green and gold because of Mardi Gras. I have a concept coming for that. My original concept didn't have sleeves. I forgot that the next alternate was going to be sleeved so I had to modify my design to fit that template. If I had a choice, no team would have a sleeved uniform of any type. I read somehwere on another thread in the Sports Logos section that the NBA was going to allow Adidas to place their logo on the official uniform as they do with the replicas, that' why I added them in the concept. It's no big deal to take them off. And thanks for the heads up on the NOLA script. ________________________________ Here is my original City Pride uniform sans the sleeves. Thanks for the comments everyone. Court Concept
  8. I chose not do any major overhauling with the primary home and road, just a few tweaks and additions to make the look more complete. The Collar The shape and design of the collar with it's sharp, plunging angle, mimicks that of the side panels and allows for a contrasting insert like such. The point of the design when paired with the sides is meant to draw focus to the team name in the center. The Collar (Home) To better tie into the rest of the uniform, the collar on the home uniform has been re-colored blue with a red insert Team Name The current arced city name is replaced by the arched style name found within the teams primary logo. Not only does the new shape allow for greater visibility of the city's name via taller lettering, the simple one color text, it's upper stripe and bright red Fleur de Lis, gives an added touch of 'New Orleans' since the removal of the teams secondary logo at the rear of the neck. Numbers The gold stroke around the numerals has been dropped also in favor of a single color text. This allows for continuity throughout the uniform from the city name, players name and number and secondary buckle logo Side Panels (Away) Both the inner and outter trim on the away uniforms have been altered to create a bolder look. Red replaces gold, while gold replaces the former blue stripe design and blue moves to an inner contrast color CITY PRIDE UNIFORM Although I think that this uniform will likely be a reincarnation of our previous Mardi Gras set, I wanted to do something different that acknowledges the city of New Orleans in a different way. The emphasis was placed on gold, lot's of gold, and the simplicity of our city flag when used as a side panel insert. Three of the teams secondary logos are able to be used without the design feeling overly saturated. The 'Fleur de Pelican' is used in place of the traditional Fleur de Lis found at the center of the city's flag. It's also placed at the hips of the shorts which gives way to arching gold pelican wings. The 'Crescent City Basketball' logo makes it's first uniform apperance in place of the standard 'NO/Basketball'. The customary flying pelican found normally on the bottoms of the shorts, is now placed at the base of a rounded collar that has been cross-colored to mimick a golden crescent. Contrasting white sleeves gives the t-shirt underneath apperance without taking away from the overall look of the uniform, and allowing for the boldnes of the other colors to come through. It's been a while since I posted on this forum. Thanks for taking a look and let me know what you think.
  9. But this could be an eBay hoax, but glad they didn't. They look way too much like the Ravens, sans purple. It isn't a hoax, it was an actual prototype. They used to have a section in the teams HOF inside the Superdome called "The Locker Room" that featured all of the teams previous uniforms that they wore. When I looked around I saw this prototype on the floor and posted on the wall next to it were it's concepts and a write up about the proposed change. Apparently the NFL was toying with the idea of letting teams wear alternate helmets and the Saints proposed a black one similar to their illegal '69 version but with their current logo. That section in the Superdome has since been closed off for more player portraits and the uniforms relocated to an inclosed glass wall section. I didn't see the prototype amongst the uniforms although it was only about three of them in there. I snapped as many pics as I could at the time, they're crude, but so was my Samsung slide out at the time LOL.
  10. My Pelicans don't have an alternate yet either.
  11. Can't see why the 76ers couldn't go with something like this
  12. This was my final updated version of classic Hugo that someone posted earlier in the thread.
  13. Guess I'll throw my hat into the ring!