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  1. Haven't done a logo and posted in a while. What do you guys think?
  2. But this could be an eBay hoax, but glad they didn't. They look way too much like the Ravens, sans purple. It isn't a hoax, it was an actual prototype. They used to have a section in the teams HOF inside the Superdome called "The Locker Room" that featured all of the teams previous uniforms that they wore. When I looked around I saw this prototype on the floor and posted on the wall next to it were it's concepts and a write up about the proposed change. Apparently the NFL was toying with the idea of letting teams wear alternate helmets and the Saints proposed a black one similar to their illegal '69 version but with their current logo. That section in the Superdome has since been closed off for more player portraits and the uniforms relocated to an inclosed glass wall section. I didn't see the prototype amongst the uniforms although it was only about three of them in there. I snapped as many pics as I could at the time, they're crude, but so was my Samsung slide out at the time LOL.
  3. Feels weird seeing my artwork come to life like that...thanks!
  4. Here are a few logos that I did up. The Bobcats and LSU one's are not mine I just re-created them.
  5. I am totally gonna' learn how to do this but in the meantime can I get a Saints logo in both the black and gold verison like their helmets please!
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