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Puckcool inagural challenge


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For this contest, I would like a new logo and a new uniform to be designed for a specific team, if i have future contests they may not neccessarily be like this, they may be tatc or tbtc or fantasy concepts.

Specific team: Pittsburgh Steelers

they need a logo and while their jerseys are classic and shouldnt be changed i think they would look good in an alternate and it is fun to think of what they could look like

(if you are unable to design any sort of logo like me due to software limitations then you can still enter but id appreciate it if you tried to use an alternate of some sort)

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Discrim comes in with the lazy approach here

did this a while back, and i don't feel like making a new one. sort of added graphite and used it for the 'throwback' third. added graphite striping to the helmet and pants stripes.  and yeah, i was lazy with the logo, adding a PS over where 'Steelers' usually is there.


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