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Rhyme Time


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I know we have poets/rappers/rhymers here, so i was wondering if anyone could come up with a ryhme for the Chiefs vs. bengals game...(GO CHIEFS!!!).. they can get into the playoffs by

  • Winning their game
  • the Steelers losing to Detriot
  • Denver beating San Diego

the rhyme could be about chiefs winning, the other teams winning/losing, or about CBS (the people telecasting the game)....or about LJ, trent green, or the X factor...

THanks a lot in advance!!!!!!!!!!!

I just wanna do hoodrat things with my friends.

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o lord the chief will be in grief

because for them to get in means the Steelers have to lose at least

but no to the lions the Steeler D is gonna fry em

the broncos might win but chief fans will still be cryin

who dey? the Bengals will win

face it the inevitable still is the chiefs wont get in

L.J. and Trent Green yea they got a good attack

but the chiefs wouldnt get in if Hank, Allen, and Montana was back!


not what you was lookin for I know but hey

Now that we have the one for the thumb, the other hand looks lonely........GO STEELERS

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