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Domestic Cricket 05/06 Re Design project

Alphabet Man

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wondering, why do NSW and Qld have the same cap logo?

on the comment side, I like that all the sets look different. I would probably add a white outline on the SA back, or just haul off and make the number white. the NSW template's well executed, though I'm not a big fan of the logo (not your fault)

on a side note, in high school I'd actually seen a friend of mine wearing a Redbacks shirt (she'd gone down under for Christmas vacation), and until recently it'd been bugging me as to who that team was (shoot, I'd thought the Redbacks were a rugby club-Iruled out footy cus even then, I knew they mostly went sleeveless)


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thanks for comments

yeh i didn't have the NSW logo so i recoloured the QLD Cricket logo...it seemed a bit generic imo so i used it, i think yeh a white number would fit better

yeh redbacks are cricket....could use it as a rugby shirt i guess


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