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My Idea for a College Football Playoff


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Alright I posted my idea in the Rose Bowl thread, but here is how it would work this year. I have corrected my mistake I orginally made when doing this, I looked at the wrong column when figuring out Strength of Schedule.

Here's how it works: All 11 Conference Champions automatically qualify for tournament. 5 at-large teams are selected based on record using strength of schedule as a tie-breaker. Seedings are done the same way. So here would be the 2005 tournament.

1. USC (12-0 Pac-10 Champ)

2. Texas (12-0 Big 12 Champ)

3. Penn. State (10-1 Big 10 Champ)

4. Oregon (10-1 At-Large)

5. West Virginia (10-1 Big East Champ)

6. TCU (10-1 Mountin West Champ)

7. Ohio State (10-2 At-Large)

8. Georgia (10-2 SEC Champ)

9. LSU (10-2 At-Large)

10. Virginia Tech (10-2 At-Large)

11. Notre Dame (9-2 At-large)

12. Boise State (9-3 WAC Champ)

13. Florida State (8-4 ACC Champ)

14. Tulsa (8-4 Conf. USA Champ)

15. Akron (7-5 MAC Champ)

16. Arkansas State (6-5 Sun Belt Champ)

Teams Eliminated by tie-breaker: Louisville, Texas Tech, Auburn, UCLA, Alabama, Maimi (FL).

Strength of Shcedule rankings I got form here: http://www.usatoday.com/sports/sagarin/fbt05.htm

Is it perfect no. Head-to-Head would probably be needed as a tie-breake as well. You polls for seeding once the teams are in the tournament as well. But I think this is a much better than the current system. It gives the smaller shcools that win their conference a little bit of national attention, much like the Basketball tournament. And as you cna see all the schools the competed for a wild-card are major programs.

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Looks good. What'll be interesting is how many decent teams would be left out...Louisville, UCLA, Texas Tech as you mentioned, and also schools like Alabama and Miami.

Well, those were the rest of the 9-2 teams that got left out. I forgot to put Alambama and Miami.

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