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New Rhubarbs Alt


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C&C solicited. Just for reference, here are links to the Rhubarbs regular home and away unis:

Home unis

Road unis

I'm finally getting to work customizing a McFarlane Tom Glavine figure for my fantasy baseball team, the Old Town Rhubarbs. Since Tommy likes to pitch in an alternate, I decided to make an alt for my team. Problem: I hate alternates. So it's taken me a long time to come up with something that I don't think completely sucks. (Not that this concept doesn't completely suck, just that I'm capable of believing that it doesn't.)

The main question that confronted me was, "What is the purpose of an alt?" Most alt uniforms don't serve any real purpose beyond creating more merchandise to sell, and even then it's usually half-assed merchandise (like the Mets or Twins alts). Throwbacks are good, as are alts that feature some secondary aspect of a team's identity. So in my case, I decided to base my alt around my team's nickname, the 'Barbs. (Only I didn't put the apostrophe on the uniform.) I also used the alt as an excuse to create a second cap for my team featuring the secondary logo of a slice of rhubarb pie.

I wanted lettering with sharp angles to go with the "Barbs" name, so I made a set of letters based on the Texas Rangers, though my version has more pronounced pointy bits. This means that, in the course of making a three-uniform set for my team, I've managed to rip off the Brewers, Red Sox, Padres, Mets, Dodgers, Astros, A's, and Rangers. Why, that's as many teams as Jose Guillen has played for.

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I appreciate the compliments. But surely someone can tell me what I've done wrong, or how I can improve my concept. I'll be printing decals and doing final painting on the custom figure next week, so this is my last chance for a constructive smackdown on this concept.

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