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  1. I don't mind the 90's-ness of it at all. The Rockies are a 90's expansion team, so I feel like it fits with the team's place on baseball's timeline. I do wonder what a Colorado script would look like though.
  2. Strangely enough, the supposed front runner to replace Bullets was Dragons at one point (The Verizon Center is in Chinatown after all). Am I the only one who thinks that the designers swapped some colors here and there and tried to present it to Bullets brass? After all, O'Grady did end up designing the Wizards set. Seriously, imagine Georghe Muresan rocking that Dragons jersey. Hell, Jordan could've maybe even worn them. What kinda sorcery would that be?
  3. Powerful, yet graceful. Like a jeri curled velvet glove covered fist or a gymnast with a jackhammer.
  4. Considering how awful the team was before he showed up, one conference finals appearance isn't too shabby. They've made the playoffs every year since he came to Atlanta as well, by no means a small feat, even in the East. Also, who do you think was better? Millsap? I don't totally disagree with you (terribly underrated player), but I do feel that Horford is the locker room leader on the team and the franchise player. Overall, I think Horford's deserving of getting his number retired.
  5. T-Mac doesn't look too happy, but I'm not too sure I'd be pleased as punch having to carry those Magic teams with Grant Hill injured either.
  6. That last sentence makes me want to listen to "(pronounced 'Lĕh-'nérd 'Skin-'nérd)" again. And be a simpleeee...
  7. I really dig the 76ers new set save for one thing; no outlines on the script or numbers. Unless you're doing a one color jersey like Philadelphia's Atlantic cohorts Brooklyn or Boston, I like to see outlines. Red on the home & road script & numbers, blue on the alts. Even a double outline would be nice. Also, I'd really like to see the Trail Blazers completely ditch silver, but I can understand why they'd want to keep it to deviate from the Bulls and Raptors.
  8. I imagine they'll have your standard white and grey jerseys, than an alt that's green for four months out of the season, changes to a nice perfect yellow for like two days, than bam, brown for the rest of the year.
  9. Am I crazy to think the Lakers are going to retire both 24 & 8 for Kobe? He's played a decade in each and won multiple rings in both. I'm sure the team or Kobe could just choose one, but I think they'll hang up both of them. Also, while I believe the franchise only retires numbers of HOF players that spent a significant portion of their careers with the team, I can't help but think about the feasibility of the Wizards retiring Phil Chenier's 45. He was a solid All-Star player and has been a good color commentator for years, plus the fans seem to favor his enshrinement. Besides, they could use another banner up there.
  10. That Sounds jersey is Stax era soul and Birdman is modern day post hardcore. It's quite the contrast, but it's a fun one.
  11. I like the Diamondbacks rebrand, or rather, the idea of it. I've been in the camp of people who think there could stand to be one or two modern looking teams in baseball, and who else but a team that's younger then most of the prospects in your average team's pipeline? Another team I'd love to see go modern would be the Rockies. They're still fairly new, have a color scheme that isn't all that classic, and frankly, need the shakeup.
  12. Maybe it's just the stripes on the jerseys looking a bit like waves to me, but I'd love this if it was a "hey we're moving into the Staples Center so let's look like we kinda care" rebrand for the Clippers in 1999, typeface and all. Just a real nautical theme to me.
  13. Ok, kidding. Mostly. I do think there's room for another teal team in the league. Not the Pistons however. I do think there's a very good chance the Kings are going back to some evolution of the baby blue/red Reggie Theus era jerseys. Think about it. In '08-'09, the Cavs and Jazz wear throwbacks, then change to uniforms that borrow heavy elements from those jerseys after the next season (Cleveland-back to wine and gold/ Utah-revived use of green and gold). The Warriors wear Rick Barry era gold throwbacks in Steph Curry's rookie year, then go back to those old colors the next season. Suns wear their black 90s throwbacks in '12-'13, then introduce jerseys that were slightly inspired by that set (and were originally going to have the road be black instead of purple). What are the Kings wearing this year? The baby blue and red stuff. They're dipping their toe into the water and making sure the fans are cool with the changes, and from what I've seen online, people are down with the Kings 80s look.
  14. There we go. I know it's a throwback, but man it's weird to see a player wear another living player's jersey, especially from another team. Not wrong or anything (players are fans like us), just odd. Also, could the equipment guys not fit "Abdul-Jabbar" on the back in the day? I know the Rockets at one point had Rudy Tomjanovich have "Rudy T." on the back of his jersey around the same time Kareem wore that jersey. I wonder how that worked.
  15. The same year they wore those, AI sat out of a game wearing a Kareem edition of those same jerseys (this was pre dress code. Also, it might've been against the Bucks themselves). The Post had a picture of Iverson in said Bucks jersey on the bench, and I was able to use that to convince my fellow hoop loving classmates that Iverson was traded to Brew City. In fact, I believe this is it (or another picture from that game): Allen Iverson: Milwaukee Buck;