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  1. T-Mac doesn't look too happy, but I'm not too sure I'd be pleased as punch having to carry those Magic teams with Grant Hill injured either.
  2. I imagine they'll have your standard white and grey jerseys, than an alt that's green for four months out of the season, changes to a nice perfect yellow for like two days, than bam, brown for the rest of the year.
  3. I like the Diamondbacks rebrand, or rather, the idea of it. I've been in the camp of people who think there could stand to be one or two modern looking teams in baseball, and who else but a team that's younger then most of the prospects in your average team's pipeline? Another team I'd love to see go modern would be the Rockies. They're still fairly new, have a color scheme that isn't all that classic, and frankly, need the shakeup.
  4. Maybe it's just the stripes on the jerseys looking a bit like waves to me, but I'd love this if it was a "hey we're moving into the Staples Center so let's look like we kinda care" rebrand for the Clippers in 1999, typeface and all. Just a real nautical theme to me.
  5. Ok, kidding. Mostly. I do think there's room for another teal team in the league. Not the Pistons however. I do think there's a very good chance the Kings are going back to some evolution of the baby blue/red Reggie Theus era jerseys. Think about it. In '08-'09, the Cavs and Jazz wear throwbacks, then change to uniforms that borrow heavy elements from those jerseys after the next season (Cleveland-back to wine and gold/ Utah-revived use of green and gold). The Warriors wear Rick Barry era gold throwbacks in Steph Curry's rookie year, then go back to those old colors the next season. Suns wear their black 90s throwbacks in '12-'13, then introduce jerseys that were slightly inspired by that set (and were originally going to have the road be black instead of purple). What are the Kings wearing this year? The baby blue and red stuff. They're dipping their toe into the water and making sure the fans are cool with the changes, and from what I've seen online, people are down with the Kings 80s look.
  6. There we go. I know it's a throwback, but man it's weird to see a player wear another living player's jersey, especially from another team. Not wrong or anything (players are fans like us), just odd. Also, could the equipment guys not fit "Abdul-Jabbar" on the back in the day? I know the Rockets at one point had Rudy Tomjanovich have "Rudy T." on the back of his jersey around the same time Kareem wore that jersey. I wonder how that worked.
  7. The same year they wore those, AI sat out of a game wearing a Kareem edition of those same jerseys (this was pre dress code. Also, it might've been against the Bucks themselves). The Post had a picture of Iverson in said Bucks jersey on the bench, and I was able to use that to convince my fellow hoop loving classmates that Iverson was traded to Brew City. In fact, I believe this is it (or another picture from that game): Allen Iverson: Milwaukee Buck;
  8. Uni related piece in that article; the Jazz were supposed to wear gold jerseys?
  9. So the team's name is Smokies, the mascot is a bear, yet said bear is not wearing a park ranger's hat and lecturing me about forest fires. Huh.
  10. I'm hoping they become an orange team. Other then Texas, not too many teams use burnt orange as their primary color, if they even have burnt orange, so it'd be pretty cool. I'm also pulling for the Sounds to have numbers just like the Preds. I love the strings in the numbers for them.
  11. I've been thinking about getting a new Expos hat to wear for the Nats run this October. When it was announced the team was moving to DC, I wore a ratty, beat up mesh and polyester Expos hat for weeks until the Nationals stuff came in, and now that it's coming up on a decade and the team's looking really good, I kind of want to bring back that feeling. So, is it a nice idea that pays respect to the Nationals previous origins, or do I move on and wear the curly-W with anticipation of postseason magic?
  12. One little teeny thing you could do (because this is already a excellent set) is have the names orange with a black outline, but have them arched like the '70 jerseys.
  13. I've never thought of Midnight Green as pretty. I always thought it was more a grimier, grungier color (I also root for an NFC East team not named the Eagles, so maybe my choice of words is a little harsh.). For that reason, I've never seen why they needed to add black to it. Kelly Green and Black? I see it. Midnight and Kelly Green? Could be interesting. Midnight Green and Black? Too close to really work well together, IMO. Someone, anyone, needs to use Bronze. I've been thinking the Rockies or Raptors recently for some reason.
  14. Lost a whale of mine yesterday. Champion Gheorghe Muresan Wizards jersey in a 48. I'm not sure I can stomach paying $81 for a replica.
  15. I've decided to tack onto my list a Bluefield Orioles hat in a size 8. The hat in question;
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