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lsu fottball


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i tinkered with the lsu football uniform, but didn't want to make drastic changes...

--used current logo on the helmet.

--put their logo on the side of the pants.

--adjusted the neckline, and the shoulder trim

--used new numbering font but without trim color.

--made the uniform "form-fitting" like michigans home dark uniform (no coloring on it, just a material change).


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i'm not feeling the helmet logo. I have the saem beef with Northern Illinois' helmet, the wordmark under the logo usually doesn't work there.

also, on the jerseys I'm trying to figure out why exactly you have the names outlined in gold, but the numbers plain. heh, maybe it was time to do it that way, it's frequently done the other way around.

the shoulder stripes...I like em on the purple jersey, not so much on the whites-and this is considering I liked the white helmet so much I based a concept Packers helmet on it.

hell, the pants remind me of the pants the Packers wore in the early-mid 60s, except thicker.

overall, this is average. bad enough that you can't call it great, but good enough that it's not complete :censored:.


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