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3rd Coyotes


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I like it. I like it a lot. I really like the shoulder striping sort of leading into the alt logo. But there are a few things I would change :D ...

- I'd use Friz Quadrata for the numbers and name, rather the font you used (Bookman, I think?). Friz Quadrata is what the Coyotes use for their nameplate on their current sweaters, so I think that would give a little more continuity between their regular jerseys and the third.

- I'd get rid of the wordmark along the hem on the front. It's not that legible, and kind of redundant.

- It looks like there's a bit of a difference between the brick red you used in the striping and the brick red in the logos. Clean that up and it will look much better.

It's a great start, though. They'd look really good on the ice.

:welcome: to the boards!

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Good job on this concept. eventhough I hate black in jerseys.

I like the wordmark on the bottom. but I don't think that would be possible with

the NHL redesign next year.

One of my favorite jerseys in the NHL are the Coyotes home maroon ones and I like this one also. Good Job.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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