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A sports broadcasting question


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I believe that HawkEye was used at the US tennis open, and I was wondering if anyone uses it in there baseball coverage in the US.

Let me explain a bit further, essentially, HawkEye was developed for Channel 4 when they started to cover cricket in England. Essentially it uses a similar system to laser guidance systems to trace the path of deliveries. It was designed ion part to help 'visualise' contentious decisions, but IMO actually is best used to analyse the performance of different bowlers. (Where does the ball pitch, the variation of curve they get on the ball, etc.) And it always struck me that it would be good to watch a baseball players 'at bat' using it. How do the batters cope with different amounts of curve on the ball? That kind of thing. I was wondering if any of the US broadcasters had picked up on it?


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