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Concept comes to life!


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Some of you may remember my logo I made back in like October(I feel as though I've greatly improved at illustrator, but it's still one of my favorite concepts). It was based off of a picture of my friend playing Mario 3 when he got a leaf. Anyways, here's that logo, to refresh the memory...it's pretty large, sorry:


So we ordered jerseys about a month ago, and this is what came out. The jerseys are actually orange, but I edited it because it's easier to see black on white. The picture quality probably blows because I just threw it in my scanner. Some of the Fuzzman's fro's missing in the scan as well. I'm pleased with our jerseys(even though I got the wrong number...oh well. I'll have to rep the usual 33 for another year rather than switching to 25) The logo's not the best, but if you knew the kid that it's of, it's just too hilarious to resist.


Edit: In case anyone's wondering, we got our jerseys from ConcretePond. The jerseys were $18 and come in all sorts of colors(we got orange/blue ones). 1-Color screened logos are free(which is obviously why we just went 1-color. We're poor college kids :D). I think the name and number cost $7 total, and the names are even arched. So in total it was $25 for a fairly decent jersey. It's cheaper than my hamburglars jersey was..and yes, I designed a Hamburglars logo(sans-computer). I also made a Porkchop logo. I'll scan in all my jerseys sometime and put em up here.

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Awesome, I think I might buy a custom jersey from them.

I'm not sure if getting one jersey'll be as much of a a deal as far as price. We ordered 11 or 12 I think. I think they have some NHL blanks though, so you can get a good quality jersey, I'm just not sure how much. Some of their equipment is outdated, unfortunately.

By the way, we got the Black Biscuit League series, in case anyone's wondering.

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