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Nba all star jerseys


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with the NBA All Star game right around the corner, i was wondering if anything has been said on the jerseys this year. The NBA, liek the NHL, used to have a special jersey for the all-star game, but starting in about 97 (probably due to the absolutly abominable chilli pepper jerseys in San Antonio) they switched to the MLB style, having the players wear thier own uniforms, one team in homes the other in roads. i think this looks fine for baseball, because its all white and gray. but i think in basketball this looks rather chaotic and goofy, esp. with the lakers running around in yellow on a team full of white. i certainly hope they go back to the old style, that is assuming they could make the jerseys classy enough.

anyone else have info or an opinion on this?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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