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back on the oval again


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these are some more ideas I had that I pushed back while doing the Summer League project...my first AFL concepts in a while. For the moment I only did logos, though a kit will come for each. First, I bring you the 2005 Premiers, the Sydney Swans


EDIT: the swan is about to handball it to a teammate, hence the left hand being in a fist. differences from the original...the angle of the ball has been changed, the ball itself has been altered, the swan's eye was changed, I fixed the opera house problem, and the right leg was tweaked slightly.

anyways, I also present you with the merger that never happened: the Melbourne Hawks.


this team would have been the result of a merger between Melbourne FC (the Demons) and Hawthorn FC (the Hawks), and would have begun play in the 1997 season. as far as this here logo, the whole thing, obviously, is an M. the gold part is the hawk, and the bottom part is a nod to the Demons.

c & c on the logos is appreciated, I'll likely have a tweaked Swans logo and introduce concepts tomorrow.

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now I bring you concept goodness...from the ranks of teams that never were, first up is the Melbourne-Hawthorn Football Club, the Melbourne Hawks



the jumper would have looked similar to this...which is basically Melbourne's normal design with Hawthorn gold thrown in.



since the only other sides who use gold (West Coast, Adelaide, Richmond) usually relegate it to a secondary color, this was a natural.

and now...the 2005 AFL Premiers...the Sydney Swans


the swan was modified (you can see it larger in the first post)....now onto the jumper: it's meant as a road jumper (their normal jumper, which my swan wears, is solid red on the back). I had to use black, but kept it to a minimum: the swan logo and the back opera house numberplate.

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funny you mention the cartoon mascots, seeing a version of Sydney's is what gave me the idea to do this in the first place, cus frankly, it was :censored:. I'd thought about actually doing a swan silhouette with the opera house in the middle of it, but I figured my take on a mascot swan would look more interesting :grin:

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