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Northrn michigan concept


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This concept is a combination of the origional jersey the team wore from its inception in 1976, until 1996. That year, they overhauled their jerseys. The new coach played for the team in the origional uni's, and wants to go back to them. While I like the origional, as they were the ones they wore when I first saw them play, I would rather keep them as a "third," or special occasion-type jersey, and re-evaluate the current look. What I have created is a combination of the old (jersey pattern) and the new (the updated logo came out the same time as the new sweaters).

First for a history lession. Here are two photos ( front back) of the old jerseys.

Now here are two photos (front back) of the new look.

Finaly, here is my concept.  As I said, I kept the basic style of the origional jersey, but I prefer the white shoulders of the new look, as opposed to the gold of the origional.  Also, the only thing that is completely new is the number and name fonts.  I used the Vancouver number fonts, and the Minnesota name font.  I've always thought three-color would look better than what they have now.  Especialy with the addition of black to the color scheme.

I appologise for the small size. I'm not sure why MSN does this to my files. Maby I'll have to open another web-site just for my designs.

Thanks for looking,


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Pretty good... I'll plug Angelfire for the gajazillionth time on this board (that's a one with jazillion zeroes after it)... :D

Bigger images would be nice. If you're going to use black as a trim colour, may I suggest leaving it at that? The big blocks of black near the hem of each jersey looks out of place.

Keep it up... it's an improvement over the BSU one. :)

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