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footy concept blowout


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My SF Giants concept, some called it a joke concept...in my eyes, it was a serious set. Now THIS is a joke concept for a joke club run by a joke of a TV magnate

Collingwood, but you can call em Colliwobbles :hockeysmiley:


hope ya got a good laugh out of this, mero :D

With the joke concept put to the side, I now get serious. You may remember sometime last year, I did a Port Adelaide Power logo featuring a "lightning magpie" of sorts. In recent months I've been meaning to tweak it a bit, as the more I looked at it, the more sloppy it looked to me, mainly the wings.


so today I tweaked the wings, mainly, and am thinking up new designs for another Port jumper set. here's the tweaked logo...in addition to the altered wings, I ditched my attempt at having it look like it was wearing a Port Magpies jumper-the white parts on the torso of the earlier magpie. without further ado, the updated MagPower logo


next post: Notre Dame set

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Notre Dame...part deux

ND was one of my earliest footy concept sets. I planned on redoing it in my current template, and as you can see I finally got around to it. I wound up making two predominantly green guernseys, however, and the arched IRISH in Angels lettering was basically how I figured I'd differentiate it.

main home


white away


navy/green alt


all-green alt


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and now the Port home and away set



the ol' prison bars modified into lightning bars. it's pretty obvious whose font I used, I felt it fit here.



oddly, I felt a black bolt worked best here.

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