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Another Reds mistake


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It's no "CNCINNATI," but as I mentioned in a couple of unrelated threads, Andy Abad wore a Reds road jersey without his No. 54 on the front against the Cubs on Tuesday at a game I attended. When he came up to bat again Thursday, I was ready with a videotape and my camera.

I felt like I was taking a picture of an Atari 2600 high score to send in, but it actually came out OK. Unfortunately, there were no closeups, and I don't have HD, but I think you can tell:


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Yes, at least twice. I saw it in person on Tuesday, I'm not sure he played Wednesday, but when I heard him announced Thursday, I threw the tape in just in case. Sure enough... no number on the front. I'm guessing he just wore the same jersey all week.

For comparison's sake, the real deal on the right:


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a major league team screwing up small details, someone call the police!

Well, calling the police isn't necessary -- but I thought posting on a message board that obsesses over these things was a logical place to go. :) My fault if not...

And JohnnyFriedRice, thanks for the TV picture advice... it's been a while, but as a kid I really did take pics of the TV for Activision games or something... can't remember what for. River Raid, Pitfall, something...

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