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  1. Also, the Chattanooga Lookouts won the 2015 Southern League championship wearing Dodgers-inspired uniforms as a Twins affiliate: I believe they wore their red-billed road hats at home in the playoffs that season to evoke the Twins just a touch more than adding a patch did.
  2. One of two Blackhawks games I ever went to at the United Center -- it's expensive! -- I deliberately picked a seat in the last row in front of the road radio booth so I could hear some of that nonsense live. Final score: Blackhawks 4, Panthers 0.
  3. Yes, I'm sure that's why they initially went to the dalmatian. It's just interesting to me that they had the same logo with a cardinal in it, but chose not to go back to it when rejoining St. Louis. Speaks more to the lessons learned about the volatility of affiliates than a bird mascot with a few extra feathers in it that could be easily removed.
  4. The Peoria Chiefs are an interesting case of Cubs to Cardinals to Cubs to Cardinals... and a logo that swapped the bird for a dog, but didn't change back when the affiliate did. It also resulted in some odd transitions.
  5. Fair enough. I don't count white either, generally, but it seems I hadn't really considered black when writing the post above. I'll give you that. So "tertiary" is likely incorrect. As you said, orange was still a team color.
  6. Orange was clearly a tertiary color on the classic Super Bowl sets. It appeared on the helmet, numbers, logos and pant stripes, so why are all of the reports saying orange "returned" with the 2014 set? It was made more prominent then, but just because it was marginalized in 1997 doesn't mean it wasn't tertiary. Just an odd detail I've noticed in the reporting, since that's what we do here. Keeping the original colors (or at least shades of them) while making such a drastic change was always part of the genius of the update to me. They could have just gone to red and pewter, but they didn't.
  7. Worth a mention, as I was only recently made aware of Kyle Reese's role as Snake.
  8. Wow, I hadn't heard the name Steve Stoute since Puffy / Puff Daddy / P. Diddy Combs had to make him the manager / producer of some Bad Boy musicians as part of a settlement from an assault or something. Looks like he's done well for himself with the money and fame Nas made him. And here I thought MC Serch got all that paper. This concludes today's "names you didn't expect to see on" post. Also, the Bulls and Knicks aren't the NBA's premier rivalry anymore?
  9. Is this about financial problems fielding a minor league team? I don't think it is. Quad Cities is in a position of strength compared to Beloit or Burlington or even Clinton. Heller has four teams. He's also been the owner I've seen quoted the most in these articles, whether it's been in reference to Quad Cities, Billings or Lowell.
  10. Of note in this article is that the Lowell Spinners owner is Dave Heller. His Quad Cities River Bandits were also reported to be off the list... by U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley, of all people: So it may be the case of a politically connected owner getting his teams safe and not an indicator of anything bigger. Still, Iowa losing Clinton, QC and Burlington and only keeping Cedar Rapids and Des Moines in the original report seemed like an easy line in the sand to ... move.
  11. When I thought about the Midwest League, it starts with Beloit. That they are not in that list and (in order of surprise) the Quad Cities River Bandits, Clinton LumberKings and Burlington Bees are, makes it a bit suspect to me. That also leaves the Cedar Rapids Kernels on an island, which goes against the geographic theory. (Also: Chattanooga Lookouts? Really?)
  12. It's a real bird. He's in the video and maybe in The Royal Tennenbaums? You can find more details in this piece by some guy who thinks he knows something about uniforms:
  13. I guess I'm biased, but I'm not greedy. NLCS in 2015, 2016 and 2017, playoffs in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 and a World Series title in 2016 with 2019 TBD. (They were in first place a couple of days ago.) If this is a fade by the Cubs I'm here for it. Right now, being eliminated by back-to-back one-game playoff games in 2018 is a fluke in my mind, not a fade -- when NLCS is the worst result otherwise. And if we're only counting World Series titles -- then the Dodgers haven't accomplished anything, and I don't see that as true. (Only a Yankee deals in absolutes.) I would have taken just getting to the World Series three years ago if you offered it to me. Now I've seen a title, I don't need a dynasty, but their five-year run stacks up pretty well so far. And for the Royals to go to back-to-back World Series and win one? That seems peak Royals to me. Maybe not peak Yankees, but even they are in another 10-year drought.
  14. When the Tribune owned the Cubs and both WGN TV and radio -- and soon they will own none of the three -- I thought the move was to at least brand the TV station as a sports product. They had Cubs, Sox, Bulls & Blackhawks and a decent chunk of games not so long ago. Instead, they tried to be TBS -- by their own admission -- with the WGN America move with original programming and nothing else but comedy reruns that every other TBS wannabe had. They even pulled the WGN News off the WGN America air, along with all of the Chicago sports teams. I'm sure the leagues loved it but the WGN brand -- or a big piece of it, Chicago sports -- was destroyed. But I guess after many misses with random in-house witch shows, they are starting to turn a profit by re-airing Canadian or British shows or something.