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  1. It's a real bird. He's in the video and maybe in The Royal Tennenbaums? You can find more details in this piece by some guy who thinks he knows something about uniforms:
  2. I guess I'm biased, but I'm not greedy. NLCS in 2015, 2016 and 2017, playoffs in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 and a World Series title in 2016 with 2019 TBD. (They were in first place a couple of days ago.) If this is a fade by the Cubs I'm here for it. Right now, being eliminated by back-to-back one-game playoff games in 2018 is a fluke in my mind, not a fade -- when NLCS is the worst result otherwise. And if we're only counting World Series titles -- then the Dodgers haven't accomplished anything, and I don't see that as true. (Only a Yankee deals in absolutes.) I would have taken just getting to the World Series three years ago if you offered it to me. Now I've seen a title, I don't need a dynasty, but their five-year run stacks up pretty well so far. And for the Royals to go to back-to-back World Series and win one? That seems peak Royals to me. Maybe not peak Yankees, but even they are in another 10-year drought.
  3. When the Tribune owned the Cubs and both WGN TV and radio -- and soon they will own none of the three -- I thought the move was to at least brand the TV station as a sports product. They had Cubs, Sox, Bulls & Blackhawks and a decent chunk of games not so long ago. Instead, they tried to be TBS -- by their own admission -- with the WGN America move with original programming and nothing else but comedy reruns that every other TBS wannabe had. They even pulled the WGN News off the WGN America air, along with all of the Chicago sports teams. I'm sure the leagues loved it but the WGN brand -- or a big piece of it, Chicago sports -- was destroyed. But I guess after many misses with random in-house witch shows, they are starting to turn a profit by re-airing Canadian or British shows or something.
  4. I'm expecting trouble as well. Maybe not Dodgers-level, but I think the Cubs will see resistance. Especially with NBC Sports Chicago extending White Sox, Bulls & Blackhawks partnerships -- what incentive do they have to put the Cubs on a basic tier? Add it to a premium level and they'll have the same reach as the Brewers and Cardinals in Illinois. I could see the Iowa cable companies and "downstate" Illinois companies getting in on Marquee early and the actual city be a slow adopter. Hope they have a good streaming app planned. (Or a loophole for MLB.TV blackouts.)
  5. I feel like if the Hurricanes still wore the red uniforms they won the Cup in I'd vote that against the white Blues as the best combo possible. I guess I don't feel the Sharks and Canes are at their best currently, and while the Bruins and Blues are -- or near it -- I want more contrast of colors, like dc said above. I miss the flag stripes, but would vote Hurricanes white vs. Blues double-blue as my fave in a close bout with Chris' winners.
  6. Byron has always been low-key banking. I used to watch all those syndicated entertainment/sports interview shows he hosted when my work shift had me up late nights. "Commmmmmin' up next..." an awkward greeting with a celebrity that should have hit the editing room floor, but never, ever did, because Allen wanted to convince you they were all longtime friends. (They weren't.)
  7. The Arena League got too big, tried to be major with 7-figure salaries and left their smaller markets behind -- or worse -- banished them to the af2. It's better as several regional leagues. Might be cool to have a 4-team IFL-AFL-CIF-NAL-whoever champion playoff someday. Or if even two leagues did it. But everybody needs the rebound nets. The patent expired! The sport is not what it used to be at its peak -- or rise. But it can be entertaining. Just not electrifying, in my experience. I mean aren't some leagues paying $500 a game these days? Rough way to chase a dream.
  8. BenFred's column excerpt summarized further: "St. Louis has 'football-crazed' fans, but this coaching hire might keep the team from generating 'significant interest.'" Bad takes aren't exclusive to Twitter.
  9. I believe the Chargers got special permission to wear the throwback powder blues against the Raiders in October 2000 and San Diego fans were asking for a switch in primaries ever since. But they kept it a novelty at best. So of course a desperate ownership waits until a few years into their struggling L.A. move to do it... almost 19 years later. The Denver Nuggets fit an entire powder blue and yellow primary era into the time Chargers ownership hesitated to own a color scheme that is their birthright. Then have the nerve to say, "You're welcome."
  10. The Padres have done study after study it seems and spin after spin to make navy the "true" Padres color, but if the owner is now resigned to accept brown as an inevitability, that speaks volumes. Navy was given every advantage and chance to win, and couldn't.
  11. Interesting choice. I've never noticed a team using the hat color instead of embroidery, but now I'm going to go back and look. What is it about the 5950 vs. 3930 that would lend itself to that?
  12. Official agency-speak aside, I thought when that sideways M logo was launched, we discussed here that it was supposed to evoke stripes... of zebras, tigers, etc. Of course, coloring it green kind of kills that imagery.
  13. ESPN thought the same thing about sports highlights and then "embraced debate." Reading about Chicago Tribune buyouts somehow led me to this story about SportsCenter's return to highlights: Found it interesting in this era of cable TV brand "rot," as someone put it above. Travel Channel showing all the ghost shows is kind of silly outside of October.