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  1. Finished my latest one. I'm pretty happy with how it came out and reflects the building much more than the photo I took at this vantage point was able to do.
  2. I've found that using HDR on your phone and taking a picture with ample natural light helps with that (outside of having a full blown photography studio). This is really damn nice.
  3. Nice! I'm taking a break from working on another one so here's a progress pic. It's the Hamsunsenteret by Steven Holl. So essentially one of my favorite architects + one of my favorite authors + my favorite country = Mingsgasm. Still have a lot of the detail work to do on building, trees, grasses, etc... Sky is kind of done maybe. Going to see how everything looks before adding clouds.
  4. The Texans should have went with the drummer from Def Leppard at QB.
  5. I don't see an issue with that, but what about African and Australian/Oceania championships? Kamala and Nathan Jones can win championships! (I'm well aware Kamala has severe health problems and is down a limb...I'm an :censored: for making that joke)
  6. Agree with everything Slapshot said.
  7. Thanks. I have a feeling it is due to setting a global redirect on the original website and I didn't move those files. I'll move them over. Edit: that's what it was. Should be working fine now, although the portfolio and resume are in the process of being updated.
  8. Tampa's flag has design by committee written all over it.
  9. So - here we are 6 years later and I've recently updated the website to make it Wordpress based and far easier for me to update. I finished porting all the old pages over and added new items - will be posting a lot more with it. Check it out and let me know your thoughts! Also if you see anything weird let me know - I built it on a new iMac so it might not be completely optimized for smaller screens. http://www.joshuamings.com
  10. What I would do is head to Blick, get a canvas pad, something to attach the canvas paper to and to paint on, some palette paper, one of the Liquidtex paint kits that has several colors in it, and one of the brush packs that Blick sells. I've been adding to my sets as I need to for different items and have amassed quite a collection. After you get a base kit going, start playing around and finding what you like.
  11. Agree with McCarthy, this is great! I love the style. Are you using grounds or just laying on paint thickly? I'm getting ready to start on another building in a landscape. There is a photo that I took at the Hamsunsenteret that I loved compositionally and subject-wise, but because the sun was coming into the camera it didn't come out as I had hoped. Luckily, my paintbrush can change that.
  12. Nice! I used to love going to the levee and just look at the skyline at night. Newport at the Levee is pretty decent too...and the Party Source
  13. Art is all about how it make you feel! Your critical chops are just fine. See Red, when I do landscapes I base off a photo, but never strictly copy it if I feel the painting calls for something else. For example the photo of Eggum I based my painting off of had the mountains in the background completely in shadow and dark due to the sun coming from the South. As you can see, I brought out the detail in the mountains more. In addition, the Norwegian government added a deck and seating to the amphitheater over the years, which I took out to capture the original spirit of the building, and of course I didn't paint the sheep poop that was everywhere. It's all about your artistic license as a painter.
  14. I started with a painting class at an Art Center. Gotta start somewhere! Also this is really damn nice! Love the sky.