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  1. is currently offline.

  2. When'd you become McCall?

  3. rt if u like loogos

  4. Turns out we can do hashtags here #CCSLCmusings

  5. was just the 1 000 000th visitor on three websites in a row! My iPads come in three weeks - woohoo!

  6. Can pregnant women drive in the carpool lane?

    1. ExposGotRobbed94


      I always wondered.................... since the moment I read this

  7. Can I have an iPhone screen cover? I'v been trying to contact your offices for a while now.

  8. I'll take a lifetime's supply of Cialis to go.

  9. I LOVE those wallpapers. Could you get me a Kate Upton one? Which do you prefer - cash or credit card?

  10. I'm lookin' fer sum blue pills and auto insurance on the cheap...ya' got any?

  11. I'm looking for cheap car insurance. And Viagra. can you get me some?

  12. No. There is only one Bubba here, and that is me.

  13. I love your username.