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  1. I really, really, really like the Grays logos and uniform - I'd buy one of those hats if they were available. I know you're probably done with concepts after this series wraps for a while, but one where you resurrect old Negro League team identities could be really cool and informative. Just throwing that out there.
  2. I like the Carolina Cougars concept - I think the cougar could stand to lose a few pounds (it looks a bit round in the neck) but overall it looks pretty good. What is the swoosh like thing over North Carolina on the hat logo?
  3. I’m more a fan of the blue stag - I think the tan one reminds me too much of the Bucks logo in the old days. Either way though, the whole concept is pretty beautiful. And good luck with the move! I feel like it always throws me off for at least a month when I move.
  4. I just want to chime in quickly to say that I've lurked on this thread for a while, and have loved both the creativity and the history lesson - as a Milwaukee resident I had no idea about the Cardinals almost relocating. It almost gave me sympathy for them... almost. Thanks for all the work you're doing on these concepts - they are works of art.
  5. RT @JeannieLin: When my parents got on a boat the day before Saigon fell, they didn’t know the rules. Int’l law or where borders were drawn…

  6. RT @nathanwpyle: https://t.co/BxIuYisDq2

  7. RT @KyleJamesHoward: I’ve heard a decent amount of my brothers & sisters, over past few days, say that gang affiliation justifies one being…

  8. RT @dixonij: A friendly cyberawareness reminder that this Royal Wedding 'Royal Name' meme thing is quite literally asking for the most comm…

  9. RT @ebruenig: gotta be thoroughly cynical about lies, contrivances, scams and rackets, while completely romantic and enthusiastic about tru…

  10. @pygreg wut. Gregory. Are you even on staff?

  11. @pygreg @marichimitris came here to make that specific joke. That's too bad...

  12. @TGT_Brian SOMEONE has a problem.

  13. MUP 2018 is in the books - here are a few reflections from the students who joined us this year. https://t.co/HG109H0ddv

  14. RT @mtsw: Something the "everyone has to drive everywhere" paradigm has obviously failed is churches. Creating sufficient parking for a hug…

  15. @FlannelPilgrims @ItsProfessorH I'm just super excited for the $100 plus in snacks I'm about to get

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