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  1. I like the full wordmark you created for the Giants, I think it does the team justice! I wouldn't mind seeing the clash incorporate the "Big G" design that they currently use, rather than just a white version of your new home jumper; I do think that it's a strong look for them and worth retaining in some form. Of course I also get that keeping that design unchanged isn't much of a "concept," but I think there's room to use the Big G but make some other creative changes to the jumper design. Really looking forward to those expansion clubs! No suggestions at the moment, but if you're still looking for thoughts later on maybe I'll have some by then. Mostly just interested to see what you come up with, though!
  2. The penultimate set of jerseys is for the Hornets, who were the second fan-made along with the Turtle Sliders to join in 2019. Neither has been very successful, but the Hornets have been marginally more successful by at least qualifying for the 2020 Marble League and participating in the first season of Marbula 1, although finishing last in both. Naturally, they have a strong rivalry with the Bumblebees, though it's been a fairly one-sided rivalry so far, and the Hornets have attracted fewer fans, even with the 'Bees making the jump to the Marble League a year after the Hornets. Much like the Turtle Sliders' jerseys, the Hornets' got a bit of a "2000s expansion team" treatment, with a very modern, nontraditional look to them. The logo has some curves, but is still very sharp and angular, so the jersey follows that same style, going for an abstract "stinger" effect. Not a whole lot else to give commentary on besides that, since that's pretty much the only element of the jersey design! I'll post the final team fairly soon just to wrap all the hockey jerseys up, and eventually revive the thread for baseball uniforms once I have a few in hand; I still want to do them because I do enjoy learning more about baseball aesthetics, but it's a slower process since both the "rules" of baseball design and the template itself are newer to me. But I know the JMR subreddit will like them, so I may as well post them here too, though I may share a few at a time rather than just one per post.
  3. The Dockers are fantastic! That's a perfect meld of the club's two eras, and injects some personality back into the classic, but perhaps too conservative, identity they've gone with. I honestly don't have any feedback other than that I love it. I like what you've done with the Cats; it looks modern, even in its throwback inspiration. The only minor, nitpicky thing that sticks out to me is the way that the bottom hoop would have a "point" on the sides where the front and back meet, with that being the only hoop that wraps all the way around; since you've already got each hoop straightening out a bit more as you go down the jumper, maybe that bottom one could just be completely straight. (Or maybe you like it, and "it's a feature, not a bug"!) I mentioned before that I don't have much authority to comment on logo design, and that really is the only thing you changed with Gold Coast, but I will say that I kind of miss the inclusion of "GC" in the logo. No real suggestions on how one might go about working the letters back in, just a comment. I'm continuing to enjoy your concepts and looking forward to the rest! (And since I hadn't mentioned my loyalty earlier, go Saints!)
  4. Three teams to go, and today's is the Jungle Jumpers, the group of daredevil marbles with a penchant for oversleeping. They joined in the Marble League's second season of 2017, and have been a mid-tier competitor with a decent fan following, thanks not only to the marbles' appearance and occasional good performances, but also their out-of-competition "lore" in the JMR universe. The team's history prior to the Marble League was in BASE jumping and other extreme sports, and they're perhaps most notorious for missing the final event of the 2017 Marble League after medaling in the previous two events, which was explained in-universe as a result of oversleeping after celebrating those two medals. I chose not to use the team's "extreme" reputation as inspiration for the jerseys, going for something a little more traditional and restrained, but I did use the BASE jumping motif as a "jumping off point" in deciding to go with the V-style striping, pointing downwards as though falling. After settling on the V, it was just a matter of determining a good-looking order for the colors and weights of the stripes, which didn't really have a deep thought process behind it other than trying a few different things and comparing them. The shoulder yoke on the white jersey was a fun way to keep some color and continue the theme of the striping in an unconventional way, and the added block of dark green on the cuffs felt necessary to balance things and keep the lighter green from dominating too much.
  5. I really like that Collingwood clash! To my knowledge, I don't think the team has ever tried introducing an additional color, but the gold works well and the skinny stripes make for a good white-based clash jumper. It might work better with white shorts rather than gold, just to keep it more strongly recognizable as the Pies' established color scheme, and maybe some small gold accents on the socks, but the jumper itself is beautiful. The Essendon clash is a really fun idea, too, with the plane in the sash. I'm on the fence about the orange more than I am about the gradient; I think the gradient works fine, but orange feels a little out of place for the Bombers, at least to me. If you really like the gradient, you could try it with black, though that might not look good either, I can't really picture it well enough to say. Maybe have the sash be solid red after all, but with gray lines breaking it up below the plane, if that makes sense?
  6. Thanks! I went back and forth about a colored nameplate, but since (according to the godsend site that is nhluniforms.com) it's something that only became a "permanent" fixture of their look with the reintroduction of the current jersey set, I figured there was enough precedent to not have it on an alternate/specialty jersey concept, especially with the letters' font having an outline.
  7. Me neither, I'd love to see it! I only said that in regards to Camping World Stadium because of the early January Citrus Bowl scheduling conflict. At another stadium it could absolutely work. Orlando SC's stadium seats 25,500, but it's soccer-specific, and looking at photos, sightlines could be not-great for hockey because the seats don't go very far up. Just checked out your Winter Classic concept from last year, and I remember seeing it before! Love where you ended up with the Panthers jerseys, like most of the other people in that thread. And it looks like we're just rehashing the same stadium conversation that was already had in your thread... Whoops!
  8. If ESPN gets in on NHL broadcast rights, I think your Disney idea could be a real possibility with ESPN/ABC being under the Disney umbrella, although looking at photos and at the capacity number (7,500), you're right that the number of seats is an issue; ideally you'd want an outdoor game to have bigger capacity than the indoor rinks! A quick Google search brought up Camping World Stadium as the biggest in Orlando (hosts the Citrus Bowl), so as long as it's a Stadium Series and not a Winter Classic, that would probably be the most realistic location. Heck, do a two-game series at the neutral site with each team getting a home game!
  9. Thanks! I appreciate the comment on the almost-year-old concept, I'm still pretty happy with it all this time later. I could tell that they were aiming for something with the designs, they just kind of missed the mark, so I wanted to try and aim for that same mark and fix it, rather than reinvent the whole thing from the ground up. And the Stadium Series have always (well, almost always) had that turn-ahead-the-clock vibe, so I definitely thought it was important to maintain the spirit of that and keep the traditional designs for the Winter/Heritage Classics. Thanks! The Kings needed less of an overhaul than the Avs, but I still felt they could use the small changes I made. I knew the orange logo was a risk! Philly's never altered the logo other than the all-black version for the 2019 Stadium Series, so I thought the response might be what yours ended up being, but figured I'd do it anyways and see what happened. I quickly did a version with the traditional logo, and it definitely turns the jersey into one that could probably turn into a regular third jersey. I agree with you about the lack of white in the current third jersey being off-putting, so that's one of the big things I set out to rectify. Fair enough about the logo being a little out there; I don't have much experience with graphic designs or logos, I'm more comfortable with jersey concepts than with artwork, so pulling the "V" out of the Golden Knights' full logo was already a bit of a stretch for me. I'm still happy with how the logo turned out, at least by my own standards, but if the team already had a LV monogram in use, I probably would have chosen it as the jersey crest.
  10. Brisbane looks pretty safe as far as the jumpers; looks like you just put your revised logo on the existing design, but the Lions have never really strayed from that look, so no need to reinvent it. I didn't know about the requirement @RichardWitham mentioned, but for the sake of doing concepts, I mostly like it, especially the mane and the emphasized fur-spikes on the legs. The teeth look a little odd; honestly, I think the original design might have been onto something with only having the one small top tooth and no bottom tooth. Maybe the bottom tooth can work, but either way I think the top one is too big, it almost looks more beaver than lion. I also prefer the shape of the snout on the original. But I think if the face gets those few adjustments, your design is a really good modernization of the original lion, and definitely loads better than the 2010s front-facing logo. I'm not sold on the white Carlton jumper; especially from the nosebleed section (or a wide shot on TV) I don't think that drop-shadow treatment of the monogram would read. I think just making the monogram blue is the way to go, even if it's a safe move. I'd actually be interested to see what you could come up with for a clash jumper that's more than just a plain white one. Your Adelaide clash is so creative, I think I'm just really wanting to see that kind of treatment for some of the other teams whose home jumpers are more or less untouchable!
  11. Hope it's alright to be reviving an 11-month old thread, but since it fit the topic, I figured it made more sense than starting a new one. 2021 Outdoors at Lake Tahoe I know the Outdoors at Lake Tahoe games used Reverse Retro jerseys mostly because of how quickly it was all organized, but I put together some "what-if" concepts for if the games had in fact had specialty jerseys. I went with an aesthetic that's something of a Winter Classic / Stadium Series hybrid, taking cues from traditional design for the jerseys, but going a bit more modern with the crests. Vegas Golden Knights vs. Colorado Avalanche Vegas, as the new kid on the block, isn't inspired by anything specific per se, but borrows somewhat from the barber-pole look by repeating the stripes twice on the arms and socks. The main focus really is the crest, though, which takes the already-iconic Golden Knights logo and "minimalizes" it down to just the V and its golden outline. The white beveling in the logo is also what informed the thin white stripes of the jersey striping. Colorado's jersey is inspired half by the Rockies and half by the state flag. The arm stripes come from the old Rockies jerseys, but with an extra white stripe separating the two colors. That separation between the navy and burgundy, in turn, comes from their alternate logo, which is here used as the main crest, and the chest stripe behind it references the Colorado state flag. The striping pattern is used consistently throughout the uniform, but in different weights on the arms, chest, and hem. Boston Bruins vs. Philadelphia Flyers Boston's jersey is the most direct throwback of the four, using almost an exact copy of the 1948-'51 white jersey, but "reverse retro'd" into the team's original brown-and-yellow color scheme. The socks are also reworked from the fairly haphazard striping used in '48-'51, to follow the more modern convention of matching the jersey stripes. And in keeping with the theme, the crest is the current, modern version, just obviously recolored. And finally, Philadelphia's is inspired in part by their current third and one-time Stadium Series jersey, in the sense that I looked at the extra-thick arm stripe and took it one step further by changing the sleeve color on the other side of the stripe. The recolored crest is probably a controversial move, but I've always thought the black logo on the Flyers' black jerseys is a little invisible, and I liked being able to keep the black-white-orange coloring consistent throughout the uniform. And for what would be a one-off specialty jersey, I figured I could push that boundary a little. (The pants stripe is also a little wink and nod to what was seen on the Cooperalls back in the day!)
  12. As a fellow American footy-phile, I'm super excited to see this thread! Even if you did have to choose the Pies as your club... (Although if Maxon Cox is still tearing it up, I can't blame you too much; I haven't been following too closely since 2019, but from a quick Google search it sounds like he's still a solid player.) As far as your Adelaide concept to kick things off, that clash absolutely steals the show. That's a thing of beauty, it would look great on the field and I think would sell a ton to boot. Adelaide's certainly had their ups and downs as far as clash jumpers, but if they introduced yours, I think it would stick around for a long, long time. The minor changes to the home are fine, the Crows have a great-looking jumper so there was no need to reinvent it. I'm more of a uniform guy than a logo guy, so I can't critique your logo too much, but if I had to say anything it'd be that you might have gone a bit too extreme in removing the details; I think I get where you were coming from, because their current logo could probably stand a refresh, and I like the incorporation of the stripes from the jumper, but the overall shape seems a little funky. Looking forward to this!
  13. Following up the Indigo Stars with the other perennially "forgotten" team, the Shining Swarm. They joined in the Marble League's second year, 2017, but after putting in a decent debut performance, they've been almost invisible since. The Swarm have yet to make a second appearance, but in 2020 they finally qualified for the 2021 qualifiers by avoiding the Showdown's bottom four. I don't usually care for gradients on hockey jerseys, but if there's any one team whose logo, name, and general aesthetic calls for it, it's the Shining Swarm. Once I got the gradients right on each jersey, the cuff and hem treatments were pretty simple, but felt important to keep the jerseys from being too plain. I did swap the order of the thin stripe vs. the thick stripe between the dark jersey and the light jersey, as it just looked better based on the colors in each situation. The helmet for the dark jersey isn't particularly dark, but I figured it's far enough from white that they could get away with it. The striping pattern on the socks may be a little unusual, but I wanted to do solid stripes rather than use the gradient again, so I copied the order of the colors from the logo.
  14. I honestly just cobbled together those three number (1, 4, and 5) from the team's wordmark, using pieces of the I, T, and R, and improvising for the angled bits of the 1 and 4. So as far as I know, it's not a full font with a name or anything like that, unless the original designer got it from somewhere rather than creating it himself. (In my head, though, I can't help but think of Jurassic Park every time I look at it!)
  15. The Indigo Stars joined the league in 2019 and have been wholly unremarkable in the two years they've been competing, qualifying in '19 but finishing near the bottom, and missing out on qualification in '20. They've yet to earn many fans based on those performances, but if and when they ever turn it around, those six die-hard Indigo Stars fans will be able to say they've stuck with them from the start! I went with a more traditional striping pattern based on the clean, minimalist shapes of the logo. The stripes on the indigo jersey and the white jersey are slightly more different than just a simple rearrangement of the colors, though; dropping from three thin stripes down to two, and making minor adjustments to the weights of the stripes, felt like the best balance of colors on the white jersey. It also let the stripes match the double-outlined yoke (because nobody wants to see a shoulder yoke with a triple outline), and including the indigo yoke was important to me for a team using the color in their name. I spent way too much time turning the wordmark into a number font, but I'm happy with the results.