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  1. WLD42

    NHL meets AFL

    I didn't try it with brown shoulders, only because I really liked the logo I'd found, and didn't want to have to deal with changing its color... Picturing it in my head, I think it probably would look really good with brown shoulders, but it just wasn't worth the effort in my mind for something that's just a small hobby that helps me procrastinate. The Calgary Flames jumper seems perhaps a tad busy to me now, as I look at it a few months after having created it, but I suppose that's just a result of it matching the style of their jerseys, at least in recent years. That's what I'm telling myself, at any rate! I'm not sure if the secondary would look any better in real life rather than on a 2D template, or if it would still look like Davy Jones on fire. The Devils' red and black color scheme needed an equally intimidating and aggressive jumper design, so I went with the Dockers' chevrons, repeated all the way down. If you wanted to get really symbolic about it, you could say that it's pointing down to hell, but in all honesty, that's just me BSing. I actually chose it because the sharp angles worked well, and it kept red as the base color while still allowing for a lot of black to be used too. Finally, this post's AFL team is the Brisbane Bears, with their cute koala logo, and with a jersey design that I may have gone a little bit crazy with. I'll just... let this sit here and leave it at that.
  2. Well, it looks like it's been just over a month, and today is actually the perfect day to be posting one of these next two sets: Hong Kong and Christmas Tree! Er, I mean, Hungary.
  3. WLD42

    NHL meets AFL

    The Nordiques are another pretty uncomplicated set: Blue with white stripes, and red as an accent color. Now that I look at the set again, I expect I'll go back and make a fleur-de-lis-based alternate, because in all honesty I probably should have found a way to incorporate it into the main two jumpers to begin with! The Winnipeg Jets (version 1.0) have hoops based off of the striping of their 1990-96 jerseys. White stripes with a red border on the blue jumper, and white stripes with a red border on the white. I've always enjoyed the gold and brown color scheme of the Hawthorn Hawks, so I really enjoyed getting creative with it. I guess the only question I have is if there's too much going on, or if it looks like it would work.
  4. Some really great-looking designs, although I completely agree with 16kid about how terrible this Nike template is... That aside, though, these look stellar! I don't think the different-colored mesh works particularly well on GB, as Whittier S mentioned, but I like it on the other jerseys you've used it on, particularly Romania. I'd say you used their color scheme to its fullest potential, I really like how that jersey set came out. I really like the sublimation on the sleeves on GB, Japan, and Poland, but I think Australia especially, and the Netherlands to a degree, would be better off without it. The mirror-image southern cross that you've got going on would just look weird. The mirror-image would actually look fine for the Netherlands' lion, but based on the crest, it looks like there's only supposed to be one lion, so it's just the inconsistency that bugs me there.
  5. That's their official logo. And maybe it's my screen, but that France jersey looks a lot more purple than blue. If that's on purpose, I can't say it's a change for the better. All of the logos are ones that I've found somewhere, whether it's the national team's actual logo, the national association's crest, or a country's crest (though I'm staying away from actual flags, preferring to use them as inspiration for the jersey design itself). Creating original logos is not something that's in my arsenal! As for the shade of blue, it's definitely intended to be blue, not purple. I just sampled the blue that's in the logo, although as you can probably tell, there's a few different blues in the logo... That's due to the fact that it's taken from a photograph of a jersey, rather than a digital image of the logo, since that was the only way I could find it with the white outline necessary for the blue jersey. It definitely looks more blue than purple to me, though. Anyways, a couple more jerseys, Germany and Great Britain. The thread's finally starting to catch up the jerseys I've already created, and real life has slowed me down a bit, so a few more posts, and then it'll just be updates as I make them.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion, Whittier. I'll do either that, or just make the numbers entirely white. Glad you like them, MJ12! Team GB is just one more post away, although I don't think mine really even holds a candle to the one kiwi_canadian posted not too long ago.
  7. I was really excited to use that color scheme too, since it is very uncommon but surprisingly good-looking. I felt like something was still a little off about it, though, and I finally figured out that the double-outline just wasn't working at all. I eliminated it from the name and numbers, then figured I might as well do the same to the stripes, and I think it looks a lot better now. Also posting an updated Chinese Taipei/Taiwan. Kept the feel of the clash, but simplified it to just the main sash. I've got some ideas brewing for a revised Croatia set, but that's still on the back burner for the time being.
  8. WLD42

    Yakball Concepts

    LOVE the Magpies secondary logo and uniforms. Absolutely beautiful stuff. The one thing that I'm iffy about is the blue banner (is that the right term?) on the primary logo... I'm no logo designer, but my gut reaction is that there's just something kind of off and distracting about it. Maybe an arched banner underneath the shield, a la St Kilda Saints? Just a thought.
  9. Great looking series so far! I'm a fan of fun crossover concepts, and while I'm no football expert, it definitely seems to me that you've captured the teams' identities really well, while making the jerseys unique to hockey. Your Seattle set is a favorite of mine, the striping seems very much in line with the Seahawks' "modern" (whatever that means) look. The Browns are comedy gold, though I'd agree with hockey week about a more serious diagonal script alt. The stripes look just as good on a hockey jersey as they do on the football uniforms, though. The navy Cowboys jersey looks just like what I would expect them to wear, but I'm not sold on the white. I believe the use of a different shade of blue on different uniforms is something they actually do, if I remember correctly, so I don't have any issue there, but I think the black outline on the stripes just doesn't work. I think it would look fine with just blue and white. Looking forward to more concepts! Especially the Ravens, Panthers, Jaguars, Vikings, and Dolphins; they've got some fun color schemes that aren't seen much in hockey.
  10. Glad to see that the Australia update works as well in others' eyes as it does in mine! I felt like I'd hit on just the change it needed. I might take another look at China, but to be perfectly honest, the reason the colors are the way they are is because I didn't want to have to deal with putting a red logo on a red background! Call me lazy, but that's the truth. The Chinese Taipei/Taiwan alt. is definitely getting redone, maybe from scratch, or maybe as a variation on this theme. It was just something I wanted to try out, and I don't think the end result was quite as cool as I thought it might be. But you never know unless you try! I agree that Croatia's checkerboard can get a little gaudy, and I might revisit my concept and tone it down a little, but if that's what they give you, that's what you use. As for the Czech Republic, not every team is getting a dark and a white, or even a dark and a "light" (e.g. yellow), just two contrasting colors that can be a primary and a clash. For instance, Azerbaijan, Belarus, and the Estonia set that I'm about to post. Anyways, I'm not sure when I'll be able to make the revisions that I've mentioned. I was among those who had to evacuate New Jersey last weekend, and while I brought my laptop, I forgot my charger, so I can't really access any of my files very easily... whoops! Even when I do get back, I'll be drowning in schoolwork, but it's all on my to-do list, eventually. For now, a couple more jerseys that I'd already made and uploaded.
  11. WLD42

    NHL meets AFL

    The Edmonton Oilers feature another large-logo design. I didn't really plan it this way, since I didn't create them all in the chronological order that I'm presenting them, but maybe subconsciously, this era of teams seemed to my brain to be the ones where this style would have been first experimented with. Since it is a little bit out-there, I gave them a more traditional alternate (maybe something of a fauxback?) featuring vertical stripes and utilizing their wonderful color scheme to its fullest. For the Whalers, it wasn't too difficult. I gave them the Saints-style triple stripe, but with a little twist to turn it into an H! Ta-dahhh! Pretty simple, mildly clever, and I hope rather good-looking. I think the first thing that came to my mind when designing the 'Pies was that the refs in this fictional AFL hockey league wouldn't be able to be dressed as zebras. I tried to keep it pretty simple, considering that their colors are, y'know, black and white, but I wanted to include a good number of stripes, as my attempt at carrying over the style of their footy jumpers. In an earlier draft, I had four thinner stripes on the arms and socks, but I think the two thicker ones are a much cleaner look.
  12. Thanks for the link to the template, I'll see if I can't teach myself how to use it. If I'm not able to figure it out on my own, which is a distinct possibility, I hope a PM asking for a nudge in the right direction wouldn't be too forward of me. (Simply put: Working with straight lines makes me calm and relaxed, while working with curves makes me feel like a chicken with its head cut off.) Anyways, a few more concepts, and I decided to make it three this time, because Chinese Taipei and Croatia are both a little on the wild side even for me, while I'm very happy with the Czech Republic jersey. Well, I'm happy with all of them, but you get what I mean. With the Chinese Taipei (aka Taiwan) clash, I really just wanted to try it and see what happened. It's a little jarring (understatement?), but it was worth a shot! Definitely one that I think would have a make-it-or-break-it moment upon being seen on a more 3D model. For Croatia I took some inspiration from their actual jerseys, but with my own spin on it. Maybe it could stand some toning down, but I think it's easier to go too far and then pull it back, than vice-versa.
  13. Thanks, hockey week! I'm really pleased to hear you like them. I've spent some time inside the box before, and I got bored pretty quickly! I would LOVE to have a 3D model template. I'm always drooling over them whenever I see them on other people's concepts. I tried looking for a how-to, but I couldn't even find the template, much less a tutorial on how to use it. If you or anyone else can point me in a helpful direction in terms of that, I would be really excited, keeping in mind that I'm limited to MS Paint (ha!), Photoshop (which I don't really know how to use very well, but I can probably learn), and whatever free-to-download programs there are that exist in the world. Moving on with the concepts themselves, I finally came up with a Canada concept that I felt was pretty good. And then after I made it, I decided to look up where the logo actually came from, and discovered that what I created is strikingly similar to the actual Canada Cup jerseys from back in the day, with some minor details being different. I want to move on with the series, though, so maybe I'll revisit Canada some other time, but for now, here's what I've got. Luckily, along with the less-than-original Canada set, we've got the extremely original China jerseys as well.
  14. WLD42

    NHL meets AFL

    And as long as I'm here, a couple edits that are significant enough to post, but not major enough to fill up the thread with more images, so I'm just linking to them: University Students - Added the front number that I'm convinced somebody suggested to give it that college feel, but now I can't seem to find the post that made that suggestion! Either way, though, it's been added. Makes me wish now that I could give the script a black outline on the white jersey, but I'm just not quite sure how to go about that with the programs I have, so them's the breaks. North Melbourne Kangaroos - Eliminated the silver from the socks. Western Bulldogs - Got rid of the waist stripe like I'd mentioned I probably would. I'm much happier with it now!
  15. You know, I'd never even been aware that "collar inserts" were a thing. I'd always just assumed that whatever is on the back of the jersey is visible through the neck-hole. It's certainly less work to just leave it alone, but I figured it would be more accurate to put those sorts of things in there, not the other way around!