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  1. Thanks! The former teams aren't really on my to-do list because of their lack of logos in the "current" style, but maybe I'll do some "throwback" sets for them down the line. I do, however, have a jersey set ready for your Green Ducks! The Green Ducks turned out to be the Vegas Golden Knights of the Marble League, entering the league last year in 2019 and finishing in second place. They quickly became a fan favorite, and their fan base quickly surpassed many of the established teams' in size. We'll see if they suffer any sort of sophomore slump or not in 2020... I'm not completely sure how I feel about this concept. I think it looks good enough, but I also feel that I took somewhat of the easy way out by using the Coyotes' template almost as-is, really just changing up the hem stripes a bit. Having nothing but three shades of green to work with (plus a fourth in the logo that I didn't use) made a lot of the other designs I tried look a bit strange, though. C&C is always appreciated, but on this concept in particular I'd certainly appreciate it! Am I being to hard on myself and it looks fine, or should I give it another go and push some more boundaries?
  2. The official logo is exactly as I used it: the dark purple border with the gradient interior. My first attempts at designing the jersey, I tried sampling a few different colors from the gradient and using them as a solid color alongside the purple, but none of them worked very well: they were coming out very pink or very blue, and just not looking good as a solid color. The lavender color of my first version I borrowed from a graphic another fan had made, while the gray in v2 was, well, just a shade of gray that I chose. But after the various attempts, it sounds to me like either the jersey itself needs a gradient, or the logo needs to lose the gradient for use on a solid-color jersey.
  3. I appreciate the feedback, @darkpiranha! I'm pretty vehemently anti-gradient in hockey jerseys, and I've been wanting to keep the primary logos unchanged from the "official" versions, but I think you're right that it's time for me to let go of that and explore one or both of those options. I'm definitely feeling ready to move on to other teams and revisit Team Galactic down the road, though. So on that note, let's get one of the only other teams with a gradient logo out of the way, the Balls of Chaos. The wordmark was clearly my main point of inspiration for the jersey design; it feels on-brand for the team to me, but I hope it doesn't come across as too "minor-leaguey."
  4. Revision day! First up is a new Pinkies home jersey based on @chcarlson23's feedback. The arm and waist stripes are now primarily white to match the shoulder yoke, and the shoulder yoke gets a double-outline to better match the stripes. (I tried changing the numbers to have the double-outline too, but it didn't look as good, so they keep the thick single outline on the home jersey.) I don't feel too strongly about this versus the original version; I liked that it's clearer in v1 that there are two different shades of pink, but I also agree that the consistency between shoulder yoke and stripes is nice in v2. And a pair of Team Galactic options. I'm still not certain if I've landed on an improvement to the lavender or not; the logo is just a tricky one to work with. Option A is a simple color replacement; where we had lavender before, we now have "space gray." Option B takes things all the way down to just dark purple and white, and the side panels and sock stripes are revised a bit to work better with the reduction from three colors to two. Personally, I think Option B is a downgrade; it looks okay without the logo, but once you add it in, the gradient clashes with the design. And I'm not sure Option A is anything other than a lateral move; maybe a slight improvement. But everyone else's eyes and opinions are certainly better than just my own!
  5. I'm not a logo designer, so you're ahead of me just by nature of doing it and you can take what I say with a grain of salt, but here were my initial reactions when I saw the logo: - It's too thin. The outlining strokes look very narrow by today's standards, and the horse's one leg completely disappears where it overlaps the D's white outline. - The D in the logo being a different font than the wordmark and player name/numbers doesn't work for me. I'm not entirely sure what the solution might be, since I get what you're going for in that a serifed D feels more logo-y than the plain D of the wordmark font. Maybe reworking the horse artwork could make the sans-serif D work? - The pose of the full-body horse is nice, and I like the splash of orange in the tail and the separation between the mane and the neck, and between the two legs and the body. Maybe using that separation of body parts even more throughout could stylize the horse enough that the D could lose its serifs. -Big fan of the uniforms, same as jbird. The helmet does highlight how thin your outlines are, though; they all but disappear when viewed from a distance. So I guess my big takeaway is that all the elements separately look good, but together they could be a little more cohesive. The logo is almost retro, but the font and uniforms are pretty modern. Great start in my opinion!
  6. I'm finally going to get around to trying out some new color options for Team Galactic during my lunch break. We'll see what happens! Next concept is for the Pinkies, another founding team who've been steady underachievers, although unlike the Rojo Rollers they've at least had a track record of qualifying. I really enjoy seeing pink used in a regular, non-promotional-event way, so this was a fun one. I like the white shoulders (obviously, or I wouldn't have done it), but I could see it being a love-it-or-hate-it feature, so I'm curious to hear opinions on that.
  7. Looks miles better minimalist than detailed would, IMO.
  8. Still mulling over options for a Team Galactic revision, but in the meantime, the Rojo Rollers are a long-suffering team who have, sadly, never qualified for a single Marble League tournament after appearing in the inaugural edition. They're a great-looking group of marbles, in my opinion, who take the overdone red/blue combo and spice it up with brighter reds and paler blues than is typically seen. I almost used the ultra-light blue as the base color for the white jersey, but it was a bit too much.
  9. Fair enough. Finding the right color was the biggest challenge, what with the logo being a gradient and all. I'll try the dark purple as the primary color, though the logo will need another white stroke added to the outline. But they still need another color besides purple and white, in my opinion... Thoughts on some shade of gray, as a nod to the marbles' actual color? (The purplish hue in the photo is kind of an optical illusion; they're really a clear, silvery marble with sort-of brown swirls.)
  10. Those logos are simply phenomenal. I don't know enough about the Rochester Red Wings' history to know if the subtle "R" built into the logos is your original idea or not (looking at the mood board, it seems like it was), but it's an absolute stroke of genius.
  11. So far I'm still posting concepts that I've already had done; eventually the thread will catch up to me, but for now, we'll keep things "rolling" with Team Galactic, another Original 16 team and this year's hosts for the Marble League. As you can see from the photo of the marble, purple isn't really a part of their identity apart from the logo, so I wanted to keep the dark purple as an accent color rather than the primary color. None of the colors that make up the logo's gradient were looking good, though, so I eventually settled on the lavender-y shade by borrowing it from this image on Reddit; props to them for making that really nice graphic and sparking my inspiration. The Capitals' jersey template was my jumping-off point, but as I modified things I tried to go for a "cosmic" or "futuristic" look without being kitschy. The wordmark was an easy font to turn into numbers and names, and I thought that if any team would look good in Vegas-style white gloves, it would be these guys!
  12. Nahhh, O'rangers are O'verrated, you're good with Mellow Yellow! I've added photos of the actual marbles to all of the images, so that point of reference is now there for all to see. And here's the Raspberry Racers update: The number font is the same as before, but as a solid color rather than outlined. The name font, meanwhile, is now custom, based on the team's wordmark but a little thinner.
  13. Good idea, thanks! I'll make it happen.
  14. Raspberry Racers revision is still on the to-do list, but in the meantime, here's a set for a fan favorite, the O'Rangers. Nothing flashy, nothing complicated, just a classic jersey set for this Original 16 team that lets their performance (and their color... and their fans) do the talking. It should be incredibly obvious where I found my inspiration, but I think it works. Their baseball-style wordmark felt the most worthy of being featured prominently out of all the teams, so I've used it as the crest on the white jersey, probably for the only time in the series; I guess that's your dash of uniqueness for this team.