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  1. Thank you for the kind words! It's a lot of fun for me, if nothing else.
  2. We're one shy of the halfway point for hockey concepts with the Jawbreakers, an Original 16 team, but one that's often overlooked. They've had little success in qualifying for the Marble League, and in the marbleverse "kayfabe," they have more internal drama between teammates than any other team, which could hinder them in attracting fans; they have a much smaller following than equally unsuccessful teams such as the Rojo Rollers and Kobalts. Deciding what to do for the dark home jersey for a mostly-white team was a bit of a conundrum, especially the red, blue, and green being "equal," so I figured the best thing to do was to go with the black that's featured prominently in the logo, even if the marbles themselves have no black to be found. There's not many other teams in the league that are primarily black, just the Midnight Wisps and the Hornets (RIP Black Jacks), so it seemed like it would do a good enough job of being an actual identity rather than being Black For Black's Sake. Using the colored triangles in the jersey striping was a bit heavy-handed and tacky when I tried it, so I kept that to just the pants, and made the three colored stripes the main motif of the design.
  3. After a bit of a hiatus, I've got a two-for-one special to at least get the thread "caught up" with all the concepts I've completed and that are just hanging out on my hard drive. First up is the second baseball concept, for the Minty Maniacs. The Minty Maniacs' wordmark isn't the most baseball-y, so I opted for the M logo and player number on the white primary uniform. The sleeve stripes are a bit on the thick side by baseball standards (probably my hockey habits sneaking in, but I'll work on getting away from that), but making them as bold as I did seemed the best way to let the pale blue stand out against the white, as well as mirroring the "chunky" wordmark font. I tried a few versions that used brown as an accent color, but I didn't like any of them as much as I liked this. And rounding out this post is the hockey concept for the Savage Speeders, the closest thing the Marble League has to a "villain," based on their New England Patriots-level of sustained success since the very beginning in 2016. For as much as the rest of us like to root against them, though, their fanbase is nevertheless one of the largest after the O'rangers, and deservedly so. As storied a club as they are, their aesthetic isn't exactly a traditional or subdued one, so I leaned heavily into the trailing-away curve and slanted font that appear in the logo. Definitely one of the more modern looks in the league! C&C always appreciated, I really enjoy the workshopping process. (For example, a proper Team Galactic re-do is finally near the top of my to-do list.) I'll probably slow down a bit again, especially now that I don't have anything finished waiting in the wings, but I'll always be putting some of my free hours into it!
  4. After coming back and taking a second look a few days later: Have you considered keeping the arms yellow on the away jersey, CBJ-style? The blue clash is fine, given that it's a pseudo-throwback, but the away skews a little too blue rather than yellow. As I alluded to in my initial reply, leaning hard into the yellow is Nashville's identity; as boring as their real-life jerseys are, there's a reason the away at least has yellow shoulders.
  5. Thanks! I don't want to do the Wisps too early, since I led off the whole series with them, but I've also got some ideas kicking around for them, so they'll probably happen sooner rather than later... They've just got a really solid identity that's fun to work with, in my opinion. And maybe Team Galactic will be kinder to me for baseball than for hockey. (Still planning to re-do their jerseys... eventually.) Anyways, another hockey concept that I already had in the works as I started trying out baseball. The Oceanics are an Original 16 team who... well, they've got lots of adoring fans, who've got lots of painful memories. But it's easy to see why they're so popular, because they're a great-looking team. Something about the triple-blue seemed to just naturally lead me to this design. The colors reminded me of the progressing depth of the ocean, and three equal-width stripes felt reminiscent of crashing surf on the surface. Putting a white collar on the home jersey had a nautical feel to it to me, and once it was all said and done, they felt like lace-up jerseys, so I added that on. I really just followed my gut with this set, if you couldn't tell by the way I wrote about it!
  6. Solid look for Nashville! I'm indifferent to the side/hem treatment, but the arms are exactly what the Preds need to make their jerseys have some character other than "it's yellow," and obviously it's a good callback to their earlier jerseys before the rebrand. And the "throwback" color palette of the clash works beautifully! I like the new way you've worked the six-strings into the numbers, I think I prefer it to the real-life version, but I'm not sold on the actual font of the numbers; the diagonals especially just look off to me. No complaints on the slightly altered (and improved) Winter Classic jersey going yellow for the alt, you really can't go wrong with that.
  7. I've said it before, but I'll say it one more time: This is the first time I've ever dipped my toe into designing baseball concepts, so we'll see how it goes! It's definitely very different than my hockey jersey comfort zone, because striping is much more minimal and the jerseys feel a lot "emptier" in comparison (though "emptier" can also mean "cleaner," so I'm certainly not meaning that as a knock on baseball design). It'll be a fun challenge to come up with unique looks for the teams as I progress! I did put some thought into how I want the teams' sets to conform to the "standards" of baseball, or at least of MLB, which I understand to be home whites, away grays, and lots of room for alternates. But since a big part of the appeal of Jelle's Marble Runs is the colorful variety of the marbles, I ultimately decided to go with: - A white primary set (with matching white pants, because that seems to be the convention); - A colored set that's sort of halfway between an away and an alternate, in that it's more or less a color-swapped version of the white jersey's design, but unlikely to be gray unless that's a team color; - And a true alternate that is a different design than the other two, most likely utilizing a team's secondary color. I'm also not concerning myself with things like reusing certain uniform elements like caps, helmets, pants, socks between the three sets. Some teams may have some elements used in more than one set, some teams may have three different caps or socks. (Which is another reason I consider the second uniform an away/alternate hybrid, because it looks to me as though home/away sets typically share at least the same cap.) I'm just going with what I think looks best. I'm going to do my best to have minimal repetition of teams that have already gotten the hockey treatment, at least to start out. So with that explanation out of the way, the first Marble League baseball concept is for the Bumblebees! They're my team, and I couldn't resist a bit of homerism after being pretty neutral in the hockey side of things. The 'Bees are Marble League rookies this year, after having been promoted from the now-defunct Hubelino Tournament, which they competed in during the final 2018 edition. Stripes seemed like a natural fit for the team name, and you can't get stripier than pinstripes, so their white jersey gets the unique treatment of yellow pinstripes, which I think/hope would still read in a real-life situation. I wanted yellow to be the primary color and brown to be the accent color in the main sets, because the marbles themselves have a yellow rather than brown base. I really like the font of the wordmark and especially the capital B, so I chose to use that on the alternate jersey, which then led me to take the hive piece of the roundel logo and use that on the cap to avoid redundancy. (That theme of "pulling apart" elements that make up the roundel logos is something I'm going to be experimenting with more in these baseball concepts, which I hope Tim Ritz would forgive me for, since it's all just a fan's fantasy designs anyways.) C+C is always appreciated!
  8. Everything about that Temple set is just pure class. I love the numbers; the bold, simple stripes even mirror the logo and numbers in an abstract, minimalist sort of way, and using it on the shoulders looks excellent; and the sublimated diamonds are a great touch without being busy or over the top.
  9. One more hockey jersey before I start mixing in some baseball concepts. The Turtle Sliders are your classic expansion team; they and the Hornets were added to the league just under a year ago through a fan vote (though "in-universe" they have fictional histories that date to before that), and I wanted to reflect the franchise's youth in their design. They've got a unique color palette among the 28 teams; the very sharp contrast between the two shades of blue/teal and the two shades of brown/tan caused some color balance issues in some early drafts, especially on the white jersey, but I think I got it to a place that I'm happy with. The turtle shell pattern from the logo was too good not to incorporate into the shoulders, and latching on to that helped carry me through the rest of the design. Using it in the stripes as well looked too busy, though; when the shell pattern "repeats" to fill the space, it just doesn't work as well anymore.
  10. Those Florida jerseys are one of the only times I've seen a gradient on a jersey and loved it. Top notch! I wasn't completely sold on the Vice alternates at first, but they've grown on me since you first posted it. The Kings look excellent. Turning the top of the home-plate logo into a crown makes it go from one of the blandest logos in the league to one that's actually pretty sharp... The bottom of the logo even becomes an abstract head wearing the crown! Did you try any versions of the logo without the little diagonal "tails" (not sure what else to call them) inside the yellow crown? That's the only part of the logo that doesn't quite do it for me; it makes the crown look more like a series of hills, or at least that was my initial reaction. And maybe spray-painted stripes and numbers on the Black Mamba jersey? I love the idea and I love the logo, but the logo seems to be a bit at odds with the actual jersey design.
  11. No, it's not a St. Louis Blues/Tampa Bay Lightning mashup... It's the Thunderbolts! Another Original 16 team, they took home the bronze in the inaugural 2016 tournament, but have yet to replicate that success since. (And yes, I did try the lightning-bolt shape on the side panels, and no, it didn't look that good; sometimes less is more.) In other exciting (at least to me) news, @SFGiants58 and @MJD7 have graciously allowed me to use the baseball template that SFGiants made and MJD edited to be Paint-friendly. So like I said might happen, I'll be expanding this thread to more than just hockey! I've never designed baseball concepts before, so it's very much so a learning experience for me, and I'll be glad to have any feedback that comes my way.
  12. Thanks! The former teams aren't really on my to-do list because of their lack of logos in the "current" style, but maybe I'll do some "throwback" sets for them down the line. I do, however, have a jersey set ready for your Green Ducks! The Green Ducks turned out to be the Vegas Golden Knights of the Marble League, entering the league last year in 2019 and finishing in second place. They quickly became a fan favorite, and their fan base quickly surpassed many of the established teams' in size. We'll see if they suffer any sort of sophomore slump or not in 2020... I'm not completely sure how I feel about this concept. I think it looks good enough, but I also feel that I took somewhat of the easy way out by using the Coyotes' template almost as-is, really just changing up the hem stripes a bit. Having nothing but three shades of green to work with (plus a fourth in the logo that I didn't use) made a lot of the other designs I tried look a bit strange, though. C&C is always appreciated, but on this concept in particular I'd certainly appreciate it! Am I being to hard on myself and it looks fine, or should I give it another go and push some more boundaries?
  13. The official logo is exactly as I used it: the dark purple border with the gradient interior. My first attempts at designing the jersey, I tried sampling a few different colors from the gradient and using them as a solid color alongside the purple, but none of them worked very well: they were coming out very pink or very blue, and just not looking good as a solid color. The lavender color of my first version I borrowed from a graphic another fan had made, while the gray in v2 was, well, just a shade of gray that I chose. But after the various attempts, it sounds to me like either the jersey itself needs a gradient, or the logo needs to lose the gradient for use on a solid-color jersey.
  14. I appreciate the feedback, @darkpiranha! I'm pretty vehemently anti-gradient in hockey jerseys, and I've been wanting to keep the primary logos unchanged from the "official" versions, but I think you're right that it's time for me to let go of that and explore one or both of those options. I'm definitely feeling ready to move on to other teams and revisit Team Galactic down the road, though. So on that note, let's get one of the only other teams with a gradient logo out of the way, the Balls of Chaos. The wordmark was clearly my main point of inspiration for the jersey design; it feels on-brand for the team to me, but I hope it doesn't come across as too "minor-leaguey."
  15. Revision day! First up is a new Pinkies home jersey based on @chcarlson23's feedback. The arm and waist stripes are now primarily white to match the shoulder yoke, and the shoulder yoke gets a double-outline to better match the stripes. (I tried changing the numbers to have the double-outline too, but it didn't look as good, so they keep the thick single outline on the home jersey.) I don't feel too strongly about this versus the original version; I liked that it's clearer in v1 that there are two different shades of pink, but I also agree that the consistency between shoulder yoke and stripes is nice in v2. And a pair of Team Galactic options. I'm still not certain if I've landed on an improvement to the lavender or not; the logo is just a tricky one to work with. Option A is a simple color replacement; where we had lavender before, we now have "space gray." Option B takes things all the way down to just dark purple and white, and the side panels and sock stripes are revised a bit to work better with the reduction from three colors to two. Personally, I think Option B is a downgrade; it looks okay without the logo, but once you add it in, the gradient clashes with the design. And I'm not sure Option A is anything other than a lateral move; maybe a slight improvement. But everyone else's eyes and opinions are certainly better than just my own!