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Tank stumper 1/20/03


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Super Bowl Week: V questions a day.

I. What person has been a part of the most Super Bowls as a player assistnat an dhead Coach combine?

II. What backup QB was part of 5 straight Super Bowls?

III. What is the only stadium to host 2 straight Super Bowls?

IV. What was the first SUper Bowl played on an artificial surface?

V. What are teh only 2 Super Bowls to be played with out a turnover by either team?

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My turn, though I only have III...


How much $$$ did members of the winning Green Bay Packers take home for winning the first Super Bowl?


How much did each losing Kansas City Chief take home?


Which is the only Super Bowl to NOT be held at its originally approved location, and why wasn't the game held there?

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To answer the original question:

I.  Dan Reeves

II.  Gale Gilbert  (Super Bowls XXV - XXVIII with Buffalo, Super Bowl XXIX with San Diego)

III.  Orange Bowl

IV.  Super Bowl V (Dallas vs. Baltimore @ the Orange Bowl)


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