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St. Catharines Visigoths


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Some of you may have already seen the progress of creating this concept in the Requests Forum. But now they are presented to you in their complete form. Many thanks to clyon81 for the amazing logo. Here are the St. Catharines Visigoths!



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i like the green jerseys better than the white one. There is too much going on with the striping and I feel it doesn't go with the logo. If I were i would get rid of the Senatorish striping and add a line on the bottom stripe to finish it.

I think you have something good going here but i think you just need to simplify it

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I have a another set now. I considered the comments and tried the ideas presented. I got rid of the stripe on the chest, as well as the laurel leaves. I also added an alt that is based on a previous concept of mine that some of you may have seen before.

I added the alt logo to the shoulders of the home and road, and the alt is an abstract representation of the alt logo. C+C please.




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