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Question about boston bruins throwback jersey


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I know there are alotta hockey fans in here, and I was wondering about a jersey I would like to buy a friend of mine for Christmas.

It's Boston Bruins throwback jersey that the players wore in 1992 (I think) for the 75th anniversary of the NHL. It's white with a large the black block-lettered "B" in the middle and the shoulders are black. The jersey also features black and gold striping on the sleeves and on the bottom of the jersey. I've seen these for sale acouple of times, yet now I am having a real problem finding one.

So here's my question: where can I buy one of these bad boys?

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You have three options as far as I see it.

First and easiest, they sell an acrylic sweater version of this jersey. This is a CCM 8100 Series Heritage Knit Jersey. This is not the same as an airknit jersey. It's a heavy weight sweater material and sells for about $100.


They also sell a version with the old, old bear logo in brown, yellow and cream so make sure you see a picture if you order online!


Second, ebay. That's where I got mine, but be warned. If you buy a replica one made back in the early 90's, they are see-through thin and run small in size. Compared to today's replicas, they are cheaply made.

Thrid, patience. CCM has remade the Blackhawks and Red Wings TBC jerseys in their popular vintage line and *could* reissue the Bruins Turn-Back-the-Clock jersey sometime in the next year or two made up to today's standards.

If you have any more questions, post them here and I'll try to respond by the end of the weekend.

Good luck!



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