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THE "NEW" N.Y.Saints


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I need somebosy to do me a favor....pretty please :blush: ??

with sugar on top....

This is my request.I need a concept of my view of the "NEW"

New York Saints lacrosse team if it should happen as such.

This is IMO how the "NEW" NY Saints logo should look:

1).The NY Saints 2nd logo script on top.

2).the script can be outlined in red.

3).The St.Bernard dog carrying the stick+ball inside below.

4).The trim on the dog should be black.


HOME-like the Rangers Alt./'97 Sabres sweater template.

1).top should be like a darkish royal blue like the Colts.

2).stripes would go like this-white on top,red in bet.,goldenrod on bottom.

3).same as the side panles but gold-red-white.

4).NYSaints font in white,on a red outline+gold halo on the "y"

5).NY skyline above the script below(Stat.of Lib.on the left or at the center).

6).the nos. are white with red trim on a gold shadow towards the left.

7).the last names should be white with gold outlines.

8).the alt. logo would be the "NY"+halo in WHT/RED trim on both sides.

AWAY-same as home.

1).the tops are white.

2).stripes would be gold[enrod]on top,red in between+royal blue below.

3).side panels are blue/red/gold on both sides.

4).NYSaints font in blue,on a red outline+gold halo on the "y".

5).the skyline above the script.

6).the nos. are blue with gold trim on a red shadow towards the right.

7).the last names should be blue with red outlines.

8).the alt logo would be the "NY"+halo in RED/GLD trim on both sides.

I don't mind the dog logo as a primary,but it should NOT be on the

home or away sets.EVER!!!

In my head,I made up an alt. logo for the saints.It's the "N" in gold,

the "Y" in blue+a gold halo on top trimmed in red/Saints script below.

I would thank you big time,if somebody can do this for me,bcuz I

don't have the time or means to make this concept possible.:mad:

I would appreciate that very much.hanks again for your time.The End. :flagusa:

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