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Pensacola's Champions


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Hey I know this isn't a uniform or logo concept but it still has to do with sports, but anyway I figured I'd share this with the masses to get some feedback on it outside my multimedia class...

Our task is to produce a website. It's an intro on how to use Dreamweaver, if anyone's familiar with that program. Our only specs were to make the site at least four pages, with images and text and maybe a few extra photos. Shown below is my concept for my index (home) page and a skeleton template for my supporting pages. I kept the central theme to Pensacola, FL, my hometown (and America's FIRST settlement). My aim was to tie as much as I could into the city itself while featuring prominent athletes from P'cola (well, except one native-born Yorker who was raised in Pensacola) while at the same time showcasing different aspects of Pensacola's heritage and what it's known for, which explains the Blue Angels and the five flags (as Pensacola's nickname is the "City of Five Flags"), against a beach background, which is Pensacola's calling card aside from being the birthplace of naval aviation (that also ties back into the Blue Angels). Colors are navy blue and golden yellow, color scheme of the Blue Angels and now, the Pensacola Ice Pilots (for anyone who remembers that thread in the "Sports Logos" forum). Words at the bottom are (or will be) links to the different pages.

And before anyone mentions it, I know Roy's pretty much over the hill (altough he did win that fight in Idaho) and Gatlin's under some heat about a positive hormone test. I've already heard the jokes on those two.:wacko: The important thing to note is: EACH OF THESE GUYS HAVE WON CHAMPIONSHIPS OF SOME KIND!!! (And one is the NFL's all-time leading rusher...)

So let me know what y'all think about this...


Website index


Page 1

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I was thinking about doing that too...only reason I didn't is because the darker outline seemed to make it stand out more.

Hey I'm curious...are we the only two on this board reppin' the P'cola area??? Curious...

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