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Yeah, usually Edmonds and Jones both win OF ones I think.

Doubt Edmonds gets it this year though. He's been hurt so much. He's D has still been great though.


Pitcher: Maddux (Should he? I don't know, but they'll give it to him 'til he retires.)

Catcher: Yadier Molina (He's a good at blocking balls, but great at throwing out AND picking off runners. Matheny's been hurt and Pudge is in the AL, so Molina might grab it this year.)

First Base: Albert Pujols (His D has been outstanding for a few years now, but never better than this year. With Lee hurt and Helton trailing off a bit, I think it's finally Albert's turn for D recognition.)

Second Base: Hudson? (I know he's got top notch defense, but I'm not sure if he's been the best this year.)

Shortstop: Vizquel? Everett? (I don't know who's getting the job done this year, but these guys are top notch over their careers.)

Third Base: Scott Rolen (He's still the standard for 3B of this generation at D. One of the best all time.)

Outfield: Carlos Beltran (He's always been good in the OF, but this year he's been spectacular)

Outfield: Andruw Jones (His D is overrated IMO, but it's still top notch.)

Outfield: Freel? Edmonds? (I don't know if Freel has enough games in the OF, and Edmonds has missed a lot due to injury. There might be someone I'm just forgetting about.)

Other's thoughts? Obviously, I follow the Cardinals, so I feel comfortable evaluating their D, but I can't say for sure who's best at other positions.

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