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New rays concept


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I'm not too high on the stripe on the jerseys, but you could make it work. Maybe add some green, ditch the stripe (or make it narrow), & do pinstripes. This is off to a good start. :) This is the one I made...


In today's baseball, simplicity is the key.


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If you're on geocities, don't forget to add the link to copy and paste... in this case, Devil Rays concept is all you need.

Otherwise all we see is a little box with a red X, and that's not how I remember the Chisox of the '80s.

Not a bad concept, but it would be near impossible to read the Tampa or Rays (dark on dark colours don't work, despite having white outlines... see Calgary Flames' home jersey nameplate change). Also, seeing as they're Tampa Bay, I'd have a hard time believing they'd singularly go with Tampa on the jerseys.

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