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Start/Sit, Week 6 - The Lineup Fiasco


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for those of you that need FF help, as mighty mouse would say...."here i come to save the day!"


or if you are lazy, i'll quote myself:

The Lineup Fiasco, week 6

Joel Hurst

If you listened to me last week about which receivers to start, you probably want me dead. How was I supposed to know that Roy Williams’ head would break in the first quarter. I had no clue that T.O. is starting to catch pills better than he catches footballs. And Donté Stallworth? I just don’t know about him anymore. Is he healthy enough to play? Are they saving him for the playoffs? Is Hank Baskett really that much better of an option in Philly? Fantasy Football is a fickle friend, you really never know what’s going to happen. That said, if you listen to me more often than not, chances are you’ll be O.K.

Y’all want this party started, right? Y’all want this party started quickly? Let’s get this party started!


Start – Philip Rivers, SDC

Rivers has a ridiculously good matchup against the Niners this week. He’s been improving every week. With Tomlinson not at 100%, I expect Rivers to be passing like he was showing an ace at the blackjack table. 4 touchdowns is not out of the question, nor is 300 yards.

Sit – Matt Leinart, ARI

A rookie quarterback. The Monsters of the Midway. Not exactly a battle for the ages. Leinart might just be eating his dinner from a tube after this game.

Running Backs

Start – Tatum Bell, DEN

A Denver running back against the Oakland defense, eh? Figuring out the square root to 16 is more difficult than this decision. Bell should have a monster day against these chumps. The game is at Denver too, therefore erasing any doubt about this one.

Start – Julius Jones, DAL

Jones is averaging 97 yards rushing per game. Against Houston’s anemic defense, that should result in 780 yards and 14 touchdowns. An exaggeration? Perhaps. But I think you get the point.

Sit – Thomas Jones, CHI

With Cedrick Benson stealing his touchdowns, there’s really no reason to start TJ, especially considering the 2nd team should be in this game by the second half.

Sit – DeShaun Foster, CAR

I expect this to be the game that Foster starts his annual string of injuries. If, and that’s a big IF, he stays in the game the whole way, there’s no way he’s hitting paydirt against the Ravens.

Wide Receivers

Start – Darrell Jackson, SEA

Seattle should be going to the air more with the MVP out of the game. Jackson has been their best receiver this year, and seems to be Hasselbeck’s favorite target. I would start three Darrell Jacksons this week if I had the chance.

Start – Marques Colston, NOS

The fact is: New Orleans should be playing from behind all day, so they should be passing all day. Colston is a perfect choice, since he’s eligible in most leagues at both tight end and wide receiver. Oh, he’s been Brees’ go to guy so far this year.

Start – T.J. Houshmandzadeh, CIN

In my opinion, there isn’t a steadier receiver in the league. T.J. puts up solid points week in and week out. If I were able to invest part of my 401k in Housmandzadeh, I would do it without question.

Sit – Anquan Boldin, ARI

The Bears will eat Leinart alive, and that doesn’t bode well for his receivers.

Sit – Arnaz Battle, SFO

Sure, he scored two touchdowns last week, but he was playing the league’s Affirmative Action team (if you don’t get the joke, you can e-mail me and I’ll explain it to you). There’s no way in hell that Battle will put up the same numbers against the Chargers. If you start Arnaz, then well, Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do!

Sit – Joe Horn, NOS

As much as I like Horn, it’s time for the Saints to trade him. He’s behind Colston and Bush as Drew Brees’ favorite receivers. I just don’t see Joe making any calls to his momma from the endzone for quite a while.

Tight Ends

Start – Alge Crumpler, ATL

Carlester’s brother is still Marcus’ brother’s favorite target. Against the Football Giants, Mr. Big Booty should give Shockey a clinic in how a tight end is supposed to play the game.

Sit – Alex Smith, TBB

The quarterback with a spleen is throwing this week, and I don’t think he knows who Alex is.


Start – Neil Rackers, ARI

I doubt Leinart will lead the Cards on any touchdown drives, thereby leaving the fate of the game on Racker’s legs. I wouldn’t be surprised with 5 field goals this week, the majority of them being longer than 35 yards.

Sit – Olindo Mare, MIA

Two words describe Mare: “The Suck”.


Start – Denver Broncos

Umm, they are playing at home against your local Pop Warner team. This is gonna be a bloodbath, and there is no reason for anyone in their right mind to not start the Broncos defense this week.

Sit – St. Louis Rams

Sure, the MVP isn’t playing against them this week, but I still expect them to get torched by the Seahawks’ passing game. Not a bright idea to start the Rams this week if you have the choice.

agree? disagree? anything to add? feel free.

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