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Hi gang,

In my recent searches for sports theme music, I have come across vintage NFL Today themes, NFL on NBC themes, Monday Night Football themes, and other various themes.

One theme which I really loved, but cannot find anywhere on the net, was the baseball post-season theme music used by CBS from 1990-1993. That music was very dramatic, and I really enjoyed that score, but am unable to unearth it anywhere I look online.

Any suggestions? Might any of you have this theme, or any notion of where one might be able to find it and/or download it from the web?

I appreciate it,

Bill McD.

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What website did you find the other sport themes?


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The NFL on NBC (1995)

Okay, so it's not '80s. But, to help you remember back when the AFC was on NBC, here's the popular theme used right up to the end.

Holy crap...that's awesome. But I need to hear the additional theme song which also included the obligatory 90s electic guitar...anyone know what I'm talking about? I have a couple of Pats games from the 1994 season, and there is an electric guitar variation of the NFL on NBC theme.

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