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Quad City Riverhawks


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I come to my hometown to find front page logo news. The qc aba team got a name and logo. Hadn't seen it here, but I am on lofi version on BlackBerry.

It is riverhawks and the logo is same as Atlanta hawks, which is interesting because NBA hawks started as tri-cities blackhawks in same place. Only difference is aba logo in place of ball. Not sure how they can get away with that. Sorry for no photo and cryptic English.

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OK, so I finally found a site using the logo I was talking about:



It's small... but then I found another graveyarded thread when searching for this one that pointed to their official site:





My attempt at lining up the masthead didn't work, but you get the idea, The one they use on their site is more of a ripoff than the one I originally saw in the paper, which appears to be more like that mini version -- a brown body.

Only took me a month. Quite the Atlanta Hawks ripoff.

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