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OB Ballpark renderings


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I got this video in the mail today from a friend. Until now there were only a handful of renderings of the ballpark, and those renderings didn't shed much light on the overall design. This is a video of a model of the ballpark the Marlins and the city of Miami failed to come to terms in late 2005. I thought I'd post it here because of the artistic minds and sports fans that populate the board.

As you may see, the design itself is groundbreaking as far as baseball stadium design goes. It's really a shame it was not built.

The scoreboard :54 secs into the video really caught my attention. I'll opine more later on.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNBVqGNEQ2E

Quick note: That spire in the video was originally planned to be 450 feet. But because of budget concerns it was scaled down to about 200 feet.

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Very nice, but I doubt that design, or something close to it will happen.

One thing I have always wondered, what happens to the models like that? Its obvious that countless hours went into building that model and I imagine that there are a fair number of people out there that would shell out a pretty penny for something like that.

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As I said above that design will not be used because the Orange Bowl site is no longer under consideration.

The new sites focuses around a 9 acre site downtown that will be very close to 2 50 story, 1 70 story and a 90 story tower currently under construction. The city and team are moving pretty rapidly on these plans last I heard.

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