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Base War(hawk)s


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heh, it's been a while since I did a baseball concept :D anyways, UWW is mainly known for losing to Mount Union in the last two Stagg Bowls, but we're no slouches in football (28-2 overall the last two years, the Mount Union games being the only losses) or other sports for that matter. Hell, the Warhawks won the 2005 D3 baseball title...and while the template aint championship material*, the designs are IMO.

home whites


traveling grays


and the coup de grace...we all need to remember what we started from. Here, I combine how I made my name and where I did it from. The Turnahead King returns!


*yeah, i said it. in case yall forgot, C&C's supposed to be geared towards the concept, not the template <_<

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man, what a terrible template :)...kidding

home/road jerseys - solid with the exception of the combover hawk, which isn't your best logo, in my opinion - replace that with the number and you're golden - i like the piping and i dig the wordmark - the pants are very nice and the home hat is solid...not feeling the road hat as much, but i can live with it - what's with the w on the socks? are they going to be wearing the pants that high? if they all wear the pants that high, i'm down with it...but if some go high, others low...not so much - it's a pet peeve of mine...either everyone goes high or everyone goes low

your tatc jersey...well, let's just hope that the tatc day is WAY, WAY, WAY in the future :)

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solid with the exception of the combover hawk

I've heard it all now :D heh, when I rolled it out for the first time, somebody thought it was one hawk humping a larger hawk (the top hawk is actually a helmet)

the sock W, I simply felt it'd be a nice small touch, a la the bell that's supposedly on the Phillies' socks.

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