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Phoenix Suns concept


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In my time here, I've only done hockey, but I like basketball and I love the Suns so here is my try at a basketball jersey.

Sorry its a little rough around the edges, and the really tiny logo on the collar is the flying sun.

I might post a white version later, just wanted to see what you guys thought about it so far.

C+C please! I have more hockey concepts coming out soon, then I'll do a few more basketball.


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The thing that has always bugged me about the Suns' set is the use of gray...still ain't quite figured out how and why that got into their palette. That said, that gray panel across the back is looking a bit WNBA-ish, which (not to sound sexist) I don't think too many NBA'ers would go for. And that gray on the back of the shorts--ain't really liking that much, either.

Short of that, it's pretty solid. Compared to what the Suns have now, exclude the gray, and you got more of a "classical" NBA look--which ain't bad by any means.

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i would agree that the logo on the back needs to be changed, that logo just doesn't fit there. I would also agree that the use of gray needs to be toned down a lot, as well as on their current uniforms. I think the gray part on the back of the jersey is too big, so if you just changed the gray to orange it still wouldn't look right. Maybe take the bottom arch of that gray shape and make it orange piping and have it match up with the stipe coming up the side of the jersey. I would also try the same thing with the gray area on the shorts, just make that arch with orange piping. I think the flying sun is too small to be noticed by anybody except other players, therefore it is not needed. If I were you I would use the flying sun alone on the back of the jersey and the PHX/firebird on the shorts like you have it. As Bucco said, solid concept.

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