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Indiana Inferno


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ok here I come again, this time with my friends team, the Indiana Inferno. I used my BP template for the whole set because, well its fantsy! so, i hope you like it this time around







CandC would be nice since all he said was "i like it"

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Another paint by numbers adventure.

  • Numbers are too big.
  • Name is far too small.
  • White cap with a grey uniform? This isn't 1904.
  • The script doesn't convey any sort of inferno to me.
  • Black pants? Seriously, black pants?
  • Why is yellow so prominent on the homes but nowhere to be found on the aways?
  • Outline your numbers, please.
  • Although it's a typo, these are not fantsy. Please when you post concepts make sure you spell your words correctly, I just can't take it seriously when things are repeatedly spelled wrong.

Put some more time into this, make sure everything is centered (I.E. name plate) and where'd you get the logo from?

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Everything Speedy said, except:

1. Don't outline your numbers just to outline your numbers.

2. The contrast in color between the shirt body and the collar looks particularly terrible, mainly because the collar ends so abruptly below a single button. You need to find a different way to deal with how the colors of the sleeves and the shirt front meet at the collar.

3. The little flame logo on the back doesn't work at all. While you're making your names bigger, get rid of the little flame on the back.

Finally, although the singular "Inferno" is one of the worst team names I've ever heard that doesn't end in a "z", it strongly suggests a really wild, colorful uniform. But just coloring in different panels with a different bright color does not an interesting uniform make. What about areas of color with edges shaped like flames? What about lettering and numbers that looks like it's on fire?

Go take a look at how people depict flames on old muscle cars or racing airplanes if you need some inspiration. For example, this:


Is practically a uniform in the Japanese style waiting to happen, and it uses your colors.

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