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2007 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championships


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The 2007 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championships started today, Friday April 27th.

Here is the link to the tourament web page. It's always a well done page with feature stories and news.

Tournament Web Page

Here is the link to the IIHF and their schedule, results and standings page. Their live game tracker is one of the worst and hopefully one day will be improved.

Schedule and Results

Now for the awesome part, www.wcsn.com has a subscription available to watch live video events on through their web site for just $4.95 a month, which will easily cover the entire tournament! $5 for the whole thing in live streaming video, when all I had to rely on in the past was the craptastic game tracker that didn't even have a time clock!

The nice thing about the time difference between the USA and Moscow is that the games are on during our morning and afternoon, which meshes nicely with my "work" hours and doesn't overlap the NHL playoffs in the evening.

I just finished watching the opening game of the tournament, with the USA defeating Austria 6-2 while sitting here at work and I'm now watching Finland beat up on Ukraine and later today I get two more games.




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I don't think I'll catch much action, but I'm very excited to follow this tournament as the Blues have a number of players playing in it. (Granted, that's in part because they missed the playoffs, but) I'm very excited about what this sort of thing means for the Blues future. Andy Murray, of course, is also coaching Team Canada.

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