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I am heading into the home stretch of design school. In the next few months or so, I'll be assembling my online portfolio. Now I have a pretty good idea as to what types of things I should add, how I should assemble it, etc. When I look at other portfolios, I notice two things. Some designers have small stories to back up their pieces. Some don't.

My question to other designers/animators/hiring managers is this: Does it make a positive impact to "talk" up pieces I would be adding to an online portfolio or is showing the piece enough?



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i reckon it depends on the project. theyve seen this stuff before. in my experience, when looking at peoples stuff i dont read it and my experience of employers is they dont either. at an interview you get the chance to talk about the work so again it doenst need much explanation. the odd title here and there but definately not some turgid paragraph.

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