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Argentine American Football Concept #3: Argentinos Juniors


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Concept #1: River Plate

Concept #2: Boca Juniors

(so much for getting homework this weekend done, huh? :))

Wikipedia: Argentinos Juniors

For the next one in my series, I decided to tackle the Bichos Colorados, the Red Bugs of Argentinos Juniors. I like their soccer look a lot, very simple and rather clean, and thought it would translate well. I went with plain red pants. For the home jerseys, I kept it all red, with white piping. Because on their current soccer jerseys, home and away, they wear their circular crest on their left shoulders, I decided to keep this and model the entire concept after the Pittsburgh Steelers, with number and helmet looks as well. For the road jerseys, I kept the striping but colored in panels to give it more red.


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So far, all of these have been pretty solid. One thing has been bugging me about this set, and I'd be remiss if I didn't mention it to you.

So far, all 3 teams have used their badges as helmet logos, which is fine. But with this template, the badges need to be paced on an angle. The helmets are tilted at an angle above the horizontal, but the logos are applied to them as though they were positioned parallel to the horizontal. So if these helmets were being worn, the logo would be tilted at an angle, pitched down toward the wearer's front. It's about my only gripe with any of the Argentine football series, but it sticks out.

There are other templates with helmets that are oriented in a true horizontal direction. Either try using them, or try rotating the logos to match the angle of the helmet (I'm not sure what program you're using; this is easier said than done in many programs). But to just slap the logo on makes it look like you weren't paying attention and intentionally malpositioned the badge.

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