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Jaguars concept


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I thought all my dreams of concept making were lost, but I recently figured out something.  I have another computer, so I used Microsoft Paint to make this concept.  It's not nearly as good as ClarisWorks though.  The text box thing is a liitle bit off, and I'm a bit scared of what will happen if I try to put logos and numbers on the sleeves and shoulders.  So just pretend the name and shoulder stuff is there.


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Isn't this about the exact same thing the Broncos wear? I mean, it looks good in some ways, but that, combined with the fact that I think the Jaguars' gold would look atrocious as side paneling on the jerseys, makes me a little wary of this. I don't blame you for that, though, as I think the Jags colors are just realy tricky and unique (Really, who uses teal and gold?). Good effort, though, but as a Jags fan, I can't really endorse this.
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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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