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Fantasy hockey team concept


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Alright, don't laugh, but since I wanted to make a team nickname unique, something that NOBODY will ever use... so... I based it on my high school nickname...

May I present to you... the Rappin' Rabbis!

(Copy / Paste)

Main Logo

Logo & Woodmark

Alternate Logo

Home Uniform

Away Uniform

Alternate Uniform in the works...

I hope it work for you all, but both Rs in the logo form the Star of David.

In the Alternate logo, the item on the hand is Tifilin, it's a box that goes on your hand and straps around your arm, used for prayer. This is really only used by ultra observant Jews. I originally had just the record player by itself, but I thought it would be creative and funny to have the hand with Tifilin on.

The uniforms were adaptations to an Anaheim Mighty Ducks concept I had a while ago that just didn't work with the colours.

In deciding the colour combo, Blue was automatically the main colour. Blue is on the flag of Israel, the Jewish state.  The black is there to add an accent colour and cause it looks cool. The yellow was used cause... uh... I like yellow.

Please, suggestions/criticisms greatly appreciated.


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It was probably intentional on your part, but if you are going to put the Star of David in the "RR" logo, make it more noticeable.

I like the symbolism behind the turntable logo. But I'd work on the wordmark more. Use a different typeface maybe.

Back-to-Back Fatal Forty Champion 2015 & 2016

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