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  1. You know... if the Dolphins had white socks with the same striping as their helmets (which they used to have)... this All-Aqua look would've looked pretty good.
  2. I thought the Raptors version would just be the Raps B&W logo lazily recoloured in Red & White.... then I saw this.
  3. I have always been a fan of the look overall, but my opinion hasn't changed that the final look needs more polish. Count me in as another person who thinks the number font is the worst thing about the uniforms. I also think that Orange should be the primary colour. I love their orange hats and have one myself. The blue and yellow from the logo/wordmarks needs a little more emphasis as secondary colours. Without them, the Marlins are just a Black & Orange team, and the Orioles and Giants make that a crowded company. I know a lot of you guys here miss the old Florida Marlins look... but I don't. The current look is far more successful in connecting with the fanbase and the culture of Miami.
  4. For a while now Miami has worn all-white at home day games, and aqua/white at home night games.
  5. In my opinion, nothing will beat Tshimanga Biakabutuka. I used to play as the Panthers on NFL Blitz just so I could hear the announcers say his name really fast over and over again.
  6. Michael Sam has cleared waivers, and is available to be on NFL practice rosters (the maximum has expanded this year from 8 to 10 players). No Michael Sam yet, but St. Louis is amongst the 8 teams yet to announce their practice roster. Leading the team in sacks this pre-season and lasting until the final day has got to earn him that, right? Right? My fingers will continue to be crossed for the guy. And can we give it a rest with this whole Tony Dungy stuff? Myself and all the gay sports fans I know (a LOT more than you realize) think he's a holier-than-thou douchenozzle and hasn't valued his opinions, football or non-football, in a loooong time. Don't expect me to read your defence of the content of his character, because I won't.
  7. Eff Tony Dungy. GMs & Owners were saying the "distraction" BS about him when he was looking to be a Head Coach. Now he's saying the same as the reason why he wouldn't draft Sam? While CREATING that distraction? Coming from someone who has received awards for his support on banning marriage equality? I disagree with YOUR lifestyle living as a hypocrite, Tony Dungy.
  8. I know I'm biased, but my number one best rebrand by a LONG shot, is the Toronto Blue Jays in 2012. From... To...
  9. Wrong. Franchise continuity trumps all. Historical reality includes even the bits we don't like. The people with the messed-up priorities are the ones playing "let's pretend" with the facts of history. Charlotte Hornets / New Orleans Hornets / New Orleans Pelicans are one franchise; and Charlotte Bobcats / Charlotte Hornets are another franchise. This doesn't mean the Bobcats/Hornets franchise cannot pay homage to the memory of the Hornets/Pelicans franchise; but they are two separate entities, and ought to be treated that way. (Which is the way the NHL is treating the new version of the Winnipeg Jets.) F-you, expansion Cleveland Browns, for having set this ugly precedent of mucking up franchise history lines. Wrong. The Bobcats didn't get the team history right away, silly. It has everything to do with the NAME. The branding. Baltimore COLTS history stays with the Indianapolis COLTS. Cleveland BROWNS history stays with the Cleveland BROWNS. Charlotte HORNETS history stays with the Charlotte HORNETS. And WHEN Seattle gets their NBA team back, and WHEN they become the Supersonics again, the fans should get their history back too.
  10. I get it, the new "Hornets" are not the OLD "Hornets". But the history of basketball in Charlotte deserves to stay there. Anyone who thinks the old Hornets history belongs with the Pelicans has their priorities out of whack.
  11. The sports world needs contrast. Modern with classic. If everyone in the NFL looks like the Packers, the prestige of the green & gold is lost. If everyone in the NFL looks like the Jaguars, it's XFL Version 2.0
  12. Michael Sam can do more for his football career and his influence to the LGBT community if he MAKES THE TEAM. Nothing else should matter right now. Screw the OWN documentary, Oprah will have to wait. This story's not over.
  13. The REAL choice is whether people use their religion to hide their closed-mindedness and bigotry behind.
  14. I had not watched since the 24th pick of the first round. Came home from a few hours in the office turned on the TV and just happened to catch the Michael Sam pick. I'm glad I got to see it live. Maybe I'm projecting here, maybe Mel Kiper is actually with the times, but he didn't look comfortable with the man on man public displays of affection. It's not that, it's just an awkward situation to watch, I feel the same way when I'm around 2 straight people making out. I really dont see why people are making such a big deal about this. He came out woopity doo, he got drafted in the 7th round, there are probably reasons behind that that only the GMs and coaches know. It's really not that big of a dealWoopity do? Sorry dude, this is a big deal. That kiss airing on ESPN was a big deal. And your complaint on why this is important is a big deal. I'd understand being uncomfortable seeing any couple make out, but this was just a kiss. The same kiss you see QBs make to their wives after they win the Superbowl. Did you squirm then? Did you? No you didn't. Those who are complaining about the kiss claiming they'd feel the same way over a young heterosexual or lesbian couple kissing are LIARS.
  15. It might have been more beneficial to Michael Sam for him not to be drafted and to select the best situation to sign as an undrafted free agent. But this story had a lot more meaning, for the NFL and the LGBT community for a team to draft him. First Robbie Rogers, then Jason Collins, now Michael Sam? Us gays are taking over! BTW I loved that the bigots in the sports world were left squirming after ESPN aired Michael kissing his boyfriend after getting the call. Who the hell watches live coverage of the NFL 7th round anyways?