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UAA Seawolves


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What's up everybody?

Alright for my next concept I went with a logo rebrand of the University of Alaska Anchorage Seawolves. I decided to do this because I used to live in alaska and we are residents of the state and to maintain it you have to visit alaska for at least 72 hours every two years. So we went up there and since I am a junior in high school I decided to check out UAF and UAA. Uaf recently went through a little remolding of their package so I decided to help out their rivals at UAA.

UAA's current logo is somewhat outdated in my opinion. While it is a good logo and I do like it, it could definetly be better. Doing the seawolf as sort of a native alaskan design is a wonderful idea, but needs some tweaking.

Here's where I come in. I redid the seawolf logo, keeping the same colors and native design, but making it more aggresive in its appearance and position. I also made a secondary logo from scratch, a wolf paw with a double AA inside it for Alaska Anchorage. I also made a quick wordmark, a little more aggresive again to kind of go with the flow of the main logo.

as always, C&C


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I love it, but Id like to see the head logo nore centered on the circle...i think that is how it is right now, but could be wrong. On yours it seems like the neck sticks out further than the nose. The wordmark is ok but I dig the secondary. I would love to see some jerseys, Ive always been a fan of there hockey jerseys for the most part, I think their colors are real sharp.

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I like the primary, however, the secondary logo seems to be done in a different style. For me, the only thing that relates those two logos are the colors. If you could do more of an inuit-style paw print, that might look sharp.

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