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Elway and bonjovi arena football commercial


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suprised no one mentioned this yet, I just saw it last night

on the replay of last weeks "the apprentice" What a great commercial! When Elway comes out in a CRUSH uni

and BonJovi asks "what are you doin', living in the past?"

and Elway retorts "better than living on a prayer"

I was laughin so hard I missed some of what came next.

The football action of them playing in and destroying

a house was awesome. Made Arena ball look somewhat palatable.

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NBC had it on at the end of their afternoon coverage (bull riding?) before our local news.  the commercial was very well done.  it made the arena league look interesting and fun.  the Carolina Cobras will have a "new look" this year, which will hopefully give them a win or more this year unlike last year.

Carolina Dreamin'


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