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New jersey auto insuance


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Hey there I finally got my driver's license last week at 28 Its later then most, but lets just say its afamilt tradition.

Over the weekend I got a car 1995 GMC Jimmy.

Now Im trying to get it insured and Im running into many problems.

In NJ it seems like it is easier to get insurance if you are a deadbeat that does not pay, a bad driver in many accidents, or with 7 points on the license.

This is directed at teh posters from Jersey.

Can you help me out and point me to comapnies taht help me get on the road as quick as possible?

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Where do you live in NJ that you have gone until 28 with out needing a car.

Good luck, I heard awhile back that alot insurance companies were trying to pull out of NJ and not taking new customers. I could be wrong about that. Good luck again.

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I live near Newark

Im having a very diffciult time it is ture many companies have fled this state, and the others offer bad driver discounts. The politicans turned this state into Bizzaro World

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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