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Other Hockey League Changes & looks


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Well, with NHL & AHL getting their own topics, I'd figured what if we can do something with the oher leagues, for example, I got this in my e-mails for my favorite local hockey team.


The colors will be familiar?..but the Renegades will take to the ice in a new look jersey on October 27th. In fact, the new look will happen during the exhibition games when the team wears their new warm-up jerseys sponsored by Sam?s Club. The warm-up jerseys will be worn at both exhibition games, during all pre-game warm ups and at two regular season games. Opening night will feature our new gold jersey and the new road jersey (royal blue) will be worn on November 2nd. On November 10th the players will wear a special Veteran?s Day uniform which will be auctioned off following the game in a live auction. That will be the first of many jersey auctions this season. In January the Renegades will unveil another new jersey that will be worn only for the five Wednesday games and auctioned off after the final Wednesday game.

So... anything else folks?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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