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Seattle Seahawks Custom Guitar


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Two summers ago, I picked up an e-book, called How To Paint Your Own Guitar, as other than hockey and sports logos, music and guitar are my other passion. Being a very hands on person, I saw I could replicate Zakk Wylde's (Ozzy Osbourne's Guitarist) signature Bullseye guitar, since they are expensive to begin with, and they don't make a left handed version. After reading the book, I decided to try and come up with something on my own, and this last year finally did. I was born in Seattle and I'm a big Seahawks fan, so I decided to do a guitar in that theme, as I really like their color set too. On the back, I wanted to pay tribute to my favorite Seattle bands, as I'm into grunge music and the Seattle Sound is one of my favorites. After finalizing my design, I ordered a cream Fender Telecaster knock off, which showed up here in June. After playing around with it for about a month, I stripped it, filled in the neck pickup hole, and routed the single coil bridge pickup into a humbucker, as the inspiration for this style guitar comes from the fact I'm a huge Seether fan and their front man Shaun Morgan's custom guitars have this same set up. After sanding the original finish down to the wood, I sealed the wood with sanding sealer, then sprayed it with primer and over the next two weeks 5 different colors of spray paint and masked my designs using Frisket Film. Overall I'm happy with how it turned out for my first attempt. There is a bit of touch up that I need to do from over spray or the removing of the masking, but its fairly minimal and should be easy to do. After that I have to hit it with the clear coat let it sit for 3 months (the hard part :() and then when I come home from school for X-mas break I can buff it into a shine like you see on a factory done guitar. Here are the pics of where it is now. After seeing how it turned out I couldn't wait the 3 months to post it, and with the football season kicking off, it seemed like the right time. I'll post the final pictures with the gloss finish in December.








Back: Space Needle with Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Foo Fighters (While technically not from Seattle, Dave Grohl started the band here, the original Foo Fighters CD was even played by Kurt Cobain and Dave as a possibility for the next Nirvana record), Candlebox and Alice in Chains logos.


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Thanks for the compliments guys, I'm glad to see like minded people in terms of teams and music. The only thing I think it is missing (that just came into my head) is Seahawks colored plaid. I'm sure it would look ugly, but could be kinda fun to see on a guitar.

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