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Winter Classic: Anybody Going?


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My company, Delaware North SportService, operates Ralph Wilson Stadium (as well as HSBC Arena, home of the Sabres, plus our corporate Headquarters is in Buffalo), and I've been asked as one of 4 Retail Managers (even though I'm still technically only an Assistant Manager... for now) to come and help with various Retail Operations around the game. I have to arrive on the 27th of December, and will be there thru the 3rd of January.

Anybody else going to the game? Anybody know anything to do in Buffalo in the middle of winter? That is, if I even have any time to do anything else. I'll probably be quite busy while I'm there.

I've never flown before, so this should be quite interesting for me. Hell, I've hardly been away from Missouri, other than going to Memphis to visit family, which we would cut thru Arkansas to get to, and when I lived in Illinois for a few years after I was born. Other than that, trips to Florida and D.C. with my family when I was like 7 and 8 years old is the only time I've been far away from here.

It's a great opportunity for me, though, so I look forward to it.

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I may be going, depends on the obstruted view tickets. However it will be an exciting time for me even if I don't go. I will go to the arena for the viewing party if I can't get tix to the stadium.

For stuff to do in Buffalo, in January.....

-Niagara Falls is only ~30 mins away. It is an amazing sight to see. You have to go there sometime in your life. But be warned it will probably be freezing cold especially becuase of the mist created from the Falls, so wear layers. If you plan on going over the border into NF, Canada, bring your passport or birth certificate.

-Chippewa is the bar area it is only blocks from the arena and probably close to where you are staying.

-If you are free on New Years Eve night, and want to go out there will be plenty of stuff to do. They have I believe the second largest turn-out in the country for their ball drop downtown and all of the bars are open and it is a huge party.


-Chicken Wings, obviously are huge here, and are not the same anywhere else in the country. Try the original wing at the Anchor Bar. It is on Main St downtown and is pretty easy to find.

-Beef of Weck is also huge here. There are many places that serve it and can be found in basically any reasturant.

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