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new football template


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Its a nice start. the red flags that pop up for me are:

-too much distance from armpit to shoulder

-tapers too much towards the bottom

Ive been refining my template this past week, and I can tell you my best lesson learned is to make your template adjustable. from postition to view, it important to be able to fit any variable into your shirt. Thats why the shirts in True Colors , and Gordie's template work. Very open and simple. Plenty of room to add custom touches (inserts, necklines, stitching, hoops, stripes, etc.).

As for the shorts, they need work and i feel your pain. I've struggled with soccer shorts. Unlike basketball shorts, the have a narrow waistband and a fitted, yet baggy look. Check out kitbag or anothe soccer gear site and for a stylized version, I think beatnik's interpretation is really nice. Welcome to the boards and keep up the work.

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