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Cross Country/Track and Field Concept


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Ok, this is my first actual concept. It is a track and field or cross country uniform, since they both are just a singlet and really short shorts and could be used for both sports. I am one of the top runners on my school's team and my biggest complaint is that we are the Golden Knights and our official colors are maroon and gold but our cross country uniforms are Barney purple and a badly-toned white. Our track uniforms are somewhat correct with maroon and gold, but the stripes come awkwardly out of our armpits. Anyways, my first big paint project involved creating a simple uniform that the French call a certain, "I don't know what." I used a basketball template because I haven't found a track/CC one. It looks the same as a track uniform, except the singlet and shorts are too big to be an actual uniform. However, I think you can understand what I am going with.

Our school also doesn't have an official logo. Sometimes we use an M, a generic knight logo that a bunch of elementary schools use or our school crest. I created a logo similar to UCF's new logo with a different font. The fact that UCF is also the Golden Knights is actually a coincidence. After I made the logo, I realized it looked like UCF, then I made the connection. It was not my intention, but a funny accident. When you see it, you can see the similarities. I chose New Balance as the jersey maker only because both of my running shoes are NBs and they are awesome. Nike fails at running shoes, badly. I did have a bit of trouble on the New Balance logo because its NB logo an awkward logo on a non-white surface.

I made this in Paint, but I tried really hard to minimize the pixel and grainy look that cut and paste concepts have. I spent a really long time on this and I came so close to losing it when I was 3/4 done and my laptop was screwing up. I realize this isn't perfect, but I would like some help from the guys on this site that really know what they are doing. I am getting into this because midterms are over and I wanted to relax after cramming until 2am and then spilling the knowledge out. I hope I could get enough pointers where I could make it professional-looking and possibly show our coach what we could have instead of outdated uniforms. So without further ado, the concept.



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